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Marc McDermott Retires
MCDERMOTT retired in December 2023.
According to Tod Ellison, MEI Corporation
Marvin Rhodes Retires after 46 Years
Marvin Rhodes started working at Brice
Thomas Radiator right out of high school
in the shop as a mechanic, pulling
radiators, heater cores and other cooling
system needs.
" From the beginning, he showed his
willingness to learn and because of his
work ethic, Marvin became the lead
mechanic, " said Phillip Cochran of Brice
Thomas Radiator / C, G & J / US Radiator.
" When we decided to start manufacturing
aluminum heat transfer products over 20
years ago, we knew we needed to move
some of our best people around to make
that work. "
President, " Marc was a true pioneer of
the industry. His years of dedication and
service to the industry is unmatched by
anyone. Marc was involved at the ground
level of most everything that we use today
in our industry. He created the Best part
numbering system in the industry - Truck
Air and is viewed as the standard in the
industry. He created from scratch the
first industry aftermarket catalog that
everyone including myself copied and
tried to duplicate. His development of
new products, programs, part numbers
identification and his insight to industry's
needs provided MEI and others with
the information that was needed to
be successful. "
Marc joined MEI in 2003 with the purchase
of the Truck Air brand. " He provided us
with exceptional leadership, excellent
work habits and expertise on growing
our business, " said Ellison. " I was very
fortunate to learn, work beside and enjoy
a great relationship with one of the true
pioneers of our industry. Marc, we will miss
you as a person more than an employee.
I just want to thank you for your 50 years
and what you have done for all of us. "
January/February 2024 | THE COOLING JOURNAL | 23
Marvin then moved to the stamping and
fabricating department. So for the last 20
years, Marvin took that on and headed
the department. He proved to be very
instrumental in helping in all aspects of
making the aluminum manufacturing
a success.
Marvin was celebrated at the company's
Christmas Party in December 2023.


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