2024JanFeb-CoolingJournal - 33

By: Aaron Morrow
New Year, New Connections
CONNECTION is a concept that we as a
board of directors have really focused
on when planning NARSA events,
programs, and tours. Twelve years ago,
I attended my first NARSA function,
the HD Conference at Maas Radiator
in Bloomington, Illinois. I had no idea
what to expect when I showed up. Pat
O'Connor was the NARSA President at the
time and a co-worker, so I found him, and
he began to introduce me around, making
those connections.
One thing was clear as I watched everyone
in the room interact, these people knew
each other, liked each other and were
incredibly happy to see each other again.
The hotel lobby and the restaurant
attached to the hotel were bustling
with Radiator Men and Women. There
were conversations about business and
employees, spouses, children, and parents.
It reminded me of a big family reunion.
And that is how I think of NARSA
members now, as family. I have made
those connections with NARSA members,
some as customers or vendors but not all.
Some connections are not just built on a
vendor/customer relationship but through
shared challenges and experiences.
I joined the NARSA board in 2015 and
have had the privilege of serving with
some amazing NARSA members over my
time and building connections with them.
One of those is Roland Ewert of TSM.
Roland recently announced his pending
retirement from the industry and with
it his resignation of his board seat and
role as treasurer. For many years, our
treasurer role was overseen by Angelo
Miozza, a steady hand who was known for
working his magic with our investments
to help keep NARSA afloat in the lean
years. When Angelo sold his business and
retired, Roland stepped into the role and
has done an amazing job carrying on the
legacy of Angelo.
I would like to take this opportunity to
thank Roland for his years of dedicated
service to the NARSA board, especially
as treasurer. Roland made it to every
board meeting, conference call, and
zoom meeting and made sure to be
on time and prepared. He was a great
financial watchdog for us, making sure
that your dues were being used to
return value to the members. I have
volunteered to take over for Roland and
I hope I can do the position the justice
it deserves and has received from my
two predecessors, shoes that will be
hard to fill. Congratulations Roland on
your retirement!
Roland Ewert
Aaron Morrow
I have served with Hall of Famers like
Pat O'Connor and David Bienvenu.
Outstanding individuals like Mark Taylor
who served on regional boards, the Board
of Directors, and then went on to be the
NARSA Executive Director. Then, there's
talent like Bryan Braswell and Corey
Roppel who represent multi-generational
NARSA/IDEA Treasurer
Johnson Manufacturing General Manager
January/February 2024 | THE COOLING JOURNAL | 31


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