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New Year's Resolutions & Reflections
NARSA/IDEA's Board of Directors look back on an eventful 2023 and discuss their goals for 2024:
Bryan Braswell
NARSA/IDEA President
Rocky Mount Radiator & A/C COO
Rocky Mount, North Carolina
The event that made the biggest impact on me in 2023 was our
Membership Appreciation Reception. The outpour of members,
sponsors, and exhibitors at AAPEX as well as the NARSA/IDEA
event was a warm welcome to an outstanding trip to Las Vegas.
The reception gave us the chance to reconnect with vendors and
friends and opened up some new doors for our company that have
already paid off.
Over the last year NARSA has allowed me to strengthen
connections within the US as well as overseas. One of the most
comforting parts of being a NARSA member is knowing there
are repair facilities and distributors going through the same
struggles as we are and being able to confide in them to help solve
mutual problems. One problem in particular allowed us to utilize
the experience of a new NARSA member when troubleshooting
an issue regarding coolant. With their expertise and technical
knowledge, we were able to solve an issue that had been ongoing
for months.
The best lesson learned in 2023 was to never underestimate your
team. When you hire people who fit your culture and understand
the goals of the company, you quickly realize that people are
capable of accomplishing and oftentimes exceeding expectations.
My main focus for the upcoming year is to be able to dedicate
time each day to meet with my team leads to spearhead daily and
weekly goals. As business owners in our industry, we get locked
into the " right now, " as it's right in front of us. I would like to slow
down and be deliberate with our daily and weekly agenda to
accomplish tasks and deadlines.
In 2024, I am most looking forward to our family trip to Disney
World. It has been many years since I have been to Disney and
we've never taken the trip with our kids who are 4 and 1. I'm very
excited to see the look on their faces when they first walk in.
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