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LETTER FROM THE CHAIRMEN JAY R. (JIMMY) PATEL BHARAT (BRUCE) PATEL Outgoing Chairman (2015-2016) Incoming Chairman (2016-2017) We are an "organization of entrepreneurs, job creators, innovators, philanthropists and leaders whose current and future success is by design. " T wenty-seven years ago, the founders of this association made the first contacts, held the first gatherings and recruited the first members. Even as they poured time, money and passion into building AAHOA, they knew the day would come when they would hand over the reins to the next generation of leaders. They recognized that with the passage of time, the advancement of technology and the evolution of the hotel industry, AAHOA would inevitably change and develop. This new magazine is a symbol of those changes and celebrates AAHOA's evolution. It isn't just a new look; it's a new outlook. Today's Hotelier is the product not only of a new publisher, but also a new AAHOA. Where our predecessors were united by nationality and culture, the AAHOA of today rests upon the bedrock of unified vision and common struggle. Today's AAHOA member is not just a hotelier. We are an organization of entrepreneurs, job creators, innovators, philanthropists and leaders whose current and future success is by design. Today's Hotelier personifies all of these. It was created to serve hotel owners of 2016 and beyond - modern hospitality professionals, both men and women, with a clear understanding of both the industry itself and what is necessary to keep it thriving. It is and has always been our duty and privilege to serve you. Even as one of us steps aside and the other steps forward, our mission and our purpose remains the same: to advance the cause of hotel owners, to serve as industry leaders and to make our collective voice heard by American policymakers. We are thrilled to share the new AAHOA magazine with you and are proud to have been part of the team that continues to move AAHOA forward. Thank you for joining us at the beginning of this exciting new chapter. With best wishes for a prosperous 2016, The industry's brand-new go-to resource The magazine you're holding in your hand is also available as a digital edition hosted at In addition to finding interesting articles that will help you do your job better, you'll also find industry news, AAHOA resources, back issues of the new Hotelier Weekly eNewsletter, and more information on the Today's Hotelier brand. To learn more, visit 10  | APRIL 2016 | TODAYSHOTELIER.COM http://www.TODAYSHOTELIER.COM

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Letter From The Chairmen
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5 Unexpected Things Hoteliers Can Learn From Kevin O’Leary
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4 Steps To Creating A Powerful Guest Experience
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3 Ways To Breathe Life And Revenue Into Your Space
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Today's Hotelier - April 2016