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MESSAGE FROM AAHOA THE EVOLUTION OF AAHOA'S MEMBER MAGAZINE April 2016 Today's Hotelier The inaugural issue April 2016 today's April 2016 | THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE ASIAN AMERICAN HOTEL OWNERS ASSOCIATION " As the owner's voice in the lodging industry, AAHOA should be setting the trends and leading. Our new magazine will reinforce and amplify our voice. As the owner's voice in the lodging industry, AAHOA should be setting the trends and leading. Our new magazine will reinforce and amplify our voice. As pleased as I am to share the new magazine with you, I'm equally excited about the plans, programs and initiatives that AAHOA has in store for you in 2016. After a record-shattering 2015, AAHOA is at an all-time high and determined to keep the momentum going. This year is all about more - more brand relationships, lifetime members, vendors, education and - most importantly - AAHOA member benefits. We kicked off 2016 by adding new Founding Members Aerco International, Alvi Satellite, Foliot Furniture, HDSS Inc., Hoteligent, Smart Energy Solutions and Zonetail, with many more in the pipeline. We're also actively working toward building brand relationships that will help both protect and strengthen our member franchisees. There are 10 Brand Alliance meetings scheduled for 2016 in addition to our usual 20 regional conferences, dozens of town hall meetings and two major legislative events - the Spring and Fall National Advocacy conferences. I promise to always keep my focus on you and ensure you are informed of the work AAHOA is doing on your behalf. With your cooperation, AAHOA can help you take advantage of some of the best and most valuable professional resources in the industry. " Sincerely, 8  | APRIL 2016 | TODAYSHOTELIER.COM AAHOA's Official Publication I hope you are as excited to receive this magazine as we are to bring it to you. We have been working with Naylor Association Solutions since November to launch Today's Hotelier, the new official magazine of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association. We are delighted to see it come to life at last. The new magazine better reflects this dynamic, growing association. You will see exciting new features, better graphics and insightful news content all focused on what hotel owners need to know. THE Today's Hotelier AAHOA Lodging Business The voice of hotel owners The Inaugural Issue August 2015 CHIP ROGERS AAHOA President & CEO EVENTS NARRATIVE EXCLUSIVE THE LARGEST HOTEL OWNERS' CONVENTION IN THE INDUSTRY WHAT HOTELIERS CAN LEARN FROM KEVIN O'LEARY INTERVIEWS WITH SOME OF THE INDUSTRY'S MOST NOTABLE CEOs December 2012 AAHOA Lodging Business A bolder path to a bigger future November 2010 AAHOA Lodging Business Women in hotel leadership January 2010 AAHOA Lodging Business Navigating the credit crisis September 2009 AAHOA Lodging Business Chairman's first 100 days in office December 1997 AAHOA Hospitality The rise of the Asian American hotel owners February 1994 AAHOA News Saluting the 1993 AAHOA annual conference http://www.TODAYSHOTELIER.COM

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Message From AAHOA
Letter From The Chairmen
Lobby Bytes
AAHOA Spotlight
Member Talk
Perspectives From The Chief suites
Government Affairs
Food & Beverage
Compliance & Legal
5 Unexpected Things Hoteliers Can Learn From Kevin O’Leary
Guest Experience
Sales & Marketing
4 Steps To Creating A Powerful Guest Experience
Doing Business
3 Ways To Breathe Life And Revenue Into Your Space
AAHOA Events
Founding Members
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Today's Hotelier - April 2016