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GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS 5.5-minute reading time small dElEgation mEEtings Tackling big issues with small delegations AAHOA's unique and impactful Small Delegation Meetings encourage members to be increasingly active. by BRIAN KAISSI S MALL DELEGATION MEETINGS wERE FIRST INSTITUTED IN 2013 under the leadership of former AAHOA Chairman Mehul (Mike) Patel, former Vice President of Government Affairs Chip Rogers and Government Affairs Committee Chairman Tarun Patel. These monthly meetings were created so AAHOA members could maintain relationships with elected officials throughout the year and were designed to mirror national fly-ins on a more targeted level. Just after the first few months, the program proved to be a tremendous success with considerable potential. continued on page 26 How do Small Delegation Meetings work? Every month, AAHOA asks four to five members from a specific state or region of a state - a "Small Delegation" - to come to Washington, D.C., for a day of meetings with their federal elected officials on Capitol Hill. Upon arrival, each delegation is first briefed on AAHOA's top legislative priorities. Members learn about issues that are currently harming small businesses and hoteliers, such as the joint-employer definition, 24  | MAY 2016 | TODAYSHOTELIER.COM drive-by lawsuits and important tax reform. Attendees are also asked to come prepared to talk about specific issues affecting hoteliers in their home districts. Members are then briefed on who they will be meeting with, and learn about each elected official's relevant committee assignments, background and known stances on the issues we care about. When it is time to storm Capitol Hill, attendees are extremely knowledgeable and prepared to make each 20-30-minute meeting as impactful as possible. At the conclusion of each meeting, issue briefs are distributed to Representatives, Senators and their staff. Ultimately, these meetings are a critical component of AAHOA's mission to attain legislative successes on behalf of hoteliers nationwide. Nobody is more http://www.TODAYSHOTELIER.COM

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