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LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT & CEO Economic recovery starts at the polls chip roGers AAHOA President & CEO T hE uniTED STaTES economy is at a critical point in history. accord ing to t he International Monetary Fund (IMF), the ratio of america's debt to its gross domestic product (gDP) surpassed 100 percent in 2013 and is only getting worse. Economists largely agree: any nation with public debt exceeding annual output is in serious trouble. To bring our nation back from the brink of economic disaster, we must stop electing activists who promise something for nothing and instead turn to the experts - american business owners who understand what it means to invest wisely, live within your means and avoid excess long-term debt. We must elect business owners and reward politicians who are fully committed to true pro-growth policies. There was a time in recent american histor y when Republicans and Democrats worked in a common-sense approach to ensure a growing economy. President Ronald Reagan's tax cuts passed through a Democrat-controlled Congress. Likewise, President Bill Clinton passed a sweeping welfare overhaul through Congress when his party was in the minority. That kind of cooperation led to real results. From 1983 through 2000, the average annual real gDP (adjusted for inflation) was 3.8 percent. Since 2001, our national debate has turned increasingly divisive. and the economy has suffered, producing an average annual real gDP growth of just 1.77 percent. This 50-percent There's more online! Don't miss you on interesting articles, industry news, AAHOA resources, government affairs updates and tons of other relevant content on the Today's Hotelier website. Visit the brand-new today! 10  | June 2016 | TODAYSHOTELIER.COM growth-rate drop has helped trigger an explosion in our national debt. In just 15 years, america's national debt has increased by an astonishing $8.7 trillion. The link between slow economic growth and exploding national debt is undeniable. Economic recovery starts at the polls. City by city, state by state, and throughout our federal government, we must forget party politics and simply elect politicians who embrace free-market capitalism. american small business owners hold 28 million votes. This November, let's use that voting power to help repair our economy and restore the integrity of american government. http://www.TODAYSHOTELIER.COM

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Today's Hotelier - June 2016