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AAHOA SPOTLIGHT Timesh (Timmy) Patel, CHO CEO,, AAHOA South Pacific Regional Director 1 2 tEll us about How you got startEd in tHE Hospitality industry. 4 5 14  | June 2016 | TODAYSHOTELIER.COM I was born into it. My family operated a hotel, so throughout my childhood I helped with every aspect. I ran the front desk, helped with housekeeping and maintenance, and filled vending machines. Later, I worked at a Hilton near Disneyland and gained experience in operations. I then returned to the family business and managed day-to-day operations for our hotels. Soon, I began to think up ideas for technology that could make hoteliers' lives easier. So I co-founded a company that creates technology for the hotel industry. I'm now the CEO of, an amazon-style platform serving the hotel industry. Hoteliers can search for supplies, compare prices and make purchases through any mobile device. My lifetime of working in hotels gave me valuable insight into what hoteliers need. For instance, we've made it so they can browse special deals on overstock 3 items. Sort of like a trade show that never closes. wHat MakEs a grEat lEadEr? There are many kinds of leaders. But in my business, you have to be willing to do a tremendous amount of work. Roll up your sleeves and work hard in every aspect of your business. Then when it's time to delegate and lead others, they'll respect you. you can inspire great work from them because you've set the example. also, a leader doesn't mind obstacles, and they don't cut corners. Never stop, never settle. wHat book Has influEncEd you Most? The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. I've long believed that it's not enough to work hard, you also have to work smart. So the book spoke to me. Because of the title, some think it's about working less. Not at all. It's about efficiency and time management. Learning how to filter out distractions and focus on priorities. http://www.TODAYSHOTELIER.COM

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Today's Hotelier - June 2016