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GOVERnMEnT AFFAIRS 8-Minute readinG tiMe aMericans witH disabilities act Drive-by lawsuits: An abuse of the ADA Mili Shah has a compelling but common story about frivolous lawsuits, and now she's got a former judge, turned lawmaker, on her side. by BRANDON VERVELDE 1 1. The morning of Thursday, May 19, AAHOA Ambassador Mili Shah testified before the u.S. House Judiciary Committee, highlighting her painful experience after receiving an ADA Title iii drive‑by lawsuit. 2. Shah's story resembles that of thousands of American hoteliers and small business owners every year. in her testimony, she said: "Recently, hotels and other small businesses have come under attack by unscrupulous attorneys and serial plaintiffs seeking to make a quick buck from small business owners like me." 26  | SEpTEMbER 2016 | TODAYSHOTELIER.COM M ILI SHAH GREW up in her parents' Days Inn in Milledgeville, Georgia, about 95 miles southeast of Atlanta. Like many children of Indian immigrant hoteliers, that statement is quite literal. Her family lived in the hotel that they owned and ran. Also like many others in the hotel community, Shah chipped in to the business at a young age, learning the insand-outs of running a hotel at the front desk and in the back office. "I learned firsthand how customer service is not only the pathway to a 2 http://www.TODAYSHOTELIER.COM

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Today's Hotelier - September 2016