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LEADERSHIp essential beHaviors To become a better leader doesn't mean you have to incorporate all 12 habits at once. Start by focusing on just one or two at a time. by DR. TRAVIS BRADBERRY O NE of THE MoST popuLAR DilberT CoMIC strips in the cartoon's history begins with Dilbert's boss relaying senior leadership's explanation for the company's low profits. In response to his boss, Dilbert asks incredulously, "So they're saying that profits went up because of great leadership and down because of a weak economy?" To which Dilbert's boss replies, "These meetings will go faster if you stop putting things in context." Great leadership is indeed a difficult thing to pin down and understand. You know a great leader when you're working for one, but even they can have a hard time explaining the specifics of what they do that makes their leadership so effective. Great leadership is dynamic; it melds a variety of unique skills into an integrated whole. 4 4  | SEpTEMbER 2016 | TODAYSHOTELIER.COM 8.5-Minute readinG tiMe http://www.TODAYSHOTELIER.COM

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5 Easy Ways to Become a Health‑Conscious Hotelier
4 Points of the Traveler's Journey
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The Latest Strategies in Achieving Sustainability Savings
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Today's Hotelier - September 2016