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»FeAtURe cruise info on The go Neil Kutchera of Port Everglades created the CruiseSchedule app by combining two of his interests: technology and ports By Sarah Sain P ort of everglades employee Neil Kutchera has created a new app, CruiseSchedule, to give cruise passengers departing from five ports a comprehensive guide to their ships and schedules. In this Q&a, Kutchera explains how he came up with the idea for the app and the benefits of the technology that even he didn’t foresee. how did the idea for cruiseschedule come about? I have always been interested in technology. the advances in smartphones and mobile computing have been nothing short of amazing. My first reaction to seeing apps running on an iphone was: “I want to learn how to do that!” Since I have a background in software development, I began looking into educational opportunities in iphone programming. at the same time, I am advancing my education and knowledge of port management as a member of the aapa’s port professional Manager (ppM®) Class of 2014. a requirement of ppM program is the completion of a final project. What if I could combine these studies by creating a mobile app to meet a port industry need? I wanted an app with broad appeal, focusing on a growth business line that would lend itself to incorporating eye-catching graphics. Focusing on my employer, port everglades, I began to research the cruise industry and then more specifically our Cruise Guide. as one of the world’s busiest 20 aaPa seaPorTs MagaZine cruise ship homeports, we have a popular printed guide and an online version in pDF format. It contains a lot of pretty cruise ship pictures and information that lends itself to being manipulated through a computerized database. I could create an interactive cruise guide app for the iphone and incorporate features and information not available, or not even possible, in the printed form. that’s how the idea for CruiseSchedule was born. What are main features of the app? CruiseSchedule is a family of free, searchable cruise guides for the iphone and ipad. Separate versions are available for the homeports of port everglades, portMiami, port Canaveral, port of tampa and port of Seattle. the opening screen displays a list of cruise ship departures organized by date. the app’s main feature is to provide an easy way to view specific cruises and then drill down to see the selected ship’s itinerary, deck plans and detailed specifications. a cruise is located by either scrolling through a list of all cruises or using the search screen to query by details such as month, port, cruise line, ship name, etc. tapping on the desired cruise can show a text listing of the ship’s itinerary, an interactive map highlighting each port of call or a graphical representation of the deck plans. other features include a photograph of each vessel with detailed ship specifications, a driving map

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ACE E-Manifest Enhances Sea and Rail Security
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The Buenaventura Container Terminal Invests $3.5 Million in Cargo Verification System
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