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“We have been fortunate to obtain grants, and leadership is reaching out to p3s; plus, we have the strong support of our commission, mayor and our governor,” she added. In 2007, shortly after coming on board at the port, ogden became interested in participating in the american association of port authorities, of which portMiami is a strong supporting member. She said she followed in the footsteps of port Director Bill Johnson and Deputy port Director Juan Kuryla. “they lead by example; we’re just trying to keep up,” ogden said. “they are legends in their own time.” Kuryla took the next step and sponsored ogden for the association’s professional port Manager (ppM®) Certification program. the program furthers aapa’s goal of developing future port leaders by exposing them to a wide range of port management issues, all while building relationships across the port network and creating a body of research that will support the public seaport industry. Kuryla himself is a ppM®. ogden, who is also the current chair of the Facilities engineering Committee, is now a vocal supporter of the program. “I encourage others to join the association and the ppM® program and will continue to do so – not only corporate members, but all industry members. It comes down to the exposure you get to this multifaceted port industry,” she said. “We all have our specializations, but by attending the seminars and getting that education across the board, you learn so much about the different aspects of the industry – finance, cruise, security – that allows for a more thoughtful, comprehensive approach to your own day-to-day contributions.” ogden has two teenage daughters, whom she hopes will see her experiences as a guide to finding success and satisfaction in their careers. She’s an avid sailor and Masters Swimmer. She represents the port as a member of the Community Image advisory Board, and she volunteers with her local community in various capacities and organizations, such as the Kristi House and United Way. “I’ve lived in Miami since 1992,” ogden said. “It’s a young community. It’s a multicultural community. It’s a thriving community. It’s home.” ● »AAPA eVents aaPa gaThers in d.c. for sPring conference P ort executives and managers descended on Washington, D.C., on March 18-19 for aapa’s Spring Conference. education focused on important maritime trends and issues, including port security in the future, cargo growth, investment in infrastructure, global finance, an update on the U.S. trade agenda under president Barack obama and the rising threat of cyber security. During the conference, aapa honored U.S. reps. Janice Hahn (D-Ca) and ted poe (r-tX) with the association’s port persons of the Year award. Hahn and poe, who co-founded the Congressional portS Caucus, have exhibited a strong commitment to advancing the issues of the port industry. to access presentations from the 2013 Spring Conference and find information on upcoming seminars and workshops, visit ● suMMer 2013 25

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AA PA Headquarters
From the President’s Desk
Sourcing Near and Far
Partnering at Home to Encourage Trade Growth
Cruise Info on the Go
Community Ties
AA PA Gathers in D.C. for Spring Conference
Washington Poised to be Leader in Global Economy
Creating Agile Supply Chain Networks in Today’s Fast-Changing World
TTI: Costs of Delaying Channel Maintenance are High
Improving Safety and Efficiency through PORTS®
Seaports are at the Forefront of Export Growth
ACE E-Manifest Enhances Sea and Rail Security
Port Metro Vancouver Smart Fleet Trucking Strategy to Drive Efficiency, Reliability
The Buenaventura Container Terminal Invests $3.5 Million in Cargo Verification System
RFID Tags Promote Growth, Efficiency at GPA
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Seaports Magazine - Summer 2013