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» case sTudy: BuenaVenTura conTainer TerMinaL The Buenaventura container Terminal invests $3.5 Million in Cargo Verification System T he Buenaventura Container terminal (tCBuen) in Colombia is the first terminal in Latin america to implement new oCr systems, Match Maker and DGpS on quay and yard cranes, as well as in processes of gate entry and exit. the investment amounts to $3.5 million. the tCBuen marine terminal implemented the oCr (optical Character recognition) operations at the end of 2011, concluding the complete installation in December 2012 to optimize and allow real-time traceability of all containers entering and leaving the terminal. the software also captures vehicle registration and weight. the oCr system on the quay cranes, as well as at the gates, can recognize the alphanumeric container number and of the tt (truck Internal) every time the crane performs a movement and checks with the internal t.o.S. system whether a container is scheduled and authorized for that operation. TCBuen in Colombia recently invested $3.5 million in new technology. the Match Maker system identifies the vehicles during loading or unloading of a container identified by the oCr, so that at all times the system checks all the loading cycles. It also controls the movements of trucks passing through the gate, ensuring maximum reliability in delivery and/or receipt of the container. Finally, the DGpS (Differential GpS) confirms, via satellite, that movements of containers correspond with movements that have been assigned by t.o.S. to ensure greater security, absolute reliability and efficiency of inventory in the entire operation, thus minimizing transit times of the terminal and operating costs. In other news, in March, Grup tCB launched a pilot project for the SUreStoW system, which verifies positions of all containers aboard the ship via satellite. tCBuen is operated by Grup Maritim tCB. ● » case sTudy: georgia PorTs auThoriTy RFID Tags Promote Growth, Efficiency at GPA g eorgia ports authority partnered with Indentec Solutions to install radio frequency identification (rFID) tags in 2008 in an effort to automate gate and yard operations, improve service and promote growth. In the four years since the installation, container throughput has increased by 11 percent to nearly 3 million teUs in 2012. the port’s goal is to continue to increase gate speed, automate container hand-offs and improve safety ahead of the 2015 opening of the expanded panama Canal. according to Bill Sutton, director of information technology at Gpa, increased efficiency is one of the main benefits of the technology, which is both cost effective and low infrastructure. “We have created a relationship between the mission of the container and the truck transporting that container. We have a unique rFID tag on each truck. We attach the mission of the container to the rFID tag in the terminal operating system,” he says. “Whenever that rFID tag is read, we understand the mission of the container and can push that mission/work instruction to the user at that position, whether at the interchange gate, the inspection lane or the yard crane lifting the container.” this process has drastically reduced the data entry required to move containers. rather than using data entry functions to query container missions, the port relies on the rFID tag and the system to push the mission to the end-user. Data is captured at the required handoff points: • nbound and outbound gate moves for I street trucks • ontainer transfer between yard cranes C and street trucks • ontainer transfer between vehicles and C mobile container handling equipment (CHes) “Implementation of rFID technology has streamlined our operations,” Sutton adds. “Data is pushed to end-users at processing checkpoints, speeding up processing time and reducing data entry errors.”● suMMer 2013 33

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The Buenaventura Container Terminal Invests $3.5 Million in Cargo Verification System
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