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»PResIDent’s MessAGe The evolution of the global supply chain B Kurt Nagle President & CEO American Association of Port Authorities enjamin Franklin once famously said, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” If this is true, then the port industry is a long way from being finished. Change – or, more accurately, evolution – besets the global supply chain on a regular basis. Just when transportation experts and logistics executives think they have found firm ground on which to stand for some time, the sands can start to shift. Sometimes these changes are incremental, and sometimes they shake the industry to its core. the containerization of cargo is perhaps the best well-known and wellcited example of evolution within the goods movement industry, but today’s port leaders 8 aaPa seaPorTs MagaZine are no strangers to new and innovative ways of doing business. the sophistication of technology is giving ports more information and new tools with which to do business. Big data is enabling supply chain companies to retool their operations every few months, instead of every few years. Mobile technology is putting cruise schedule information in the hands of a variety of audiences – from the cruise customer to the port parking garage manager seeking to schedule his employees around busy port days. electronic manifests are enabling U.S. Customs and Border protection to focus on the most high-risk cargo bound for the United States. the National oceanic and atmospheric administration is using real-time data to improve the safety and efficiency of navigation. Yet the technology industry itself is confronting changes in the way it manufacturers the very goods at the heart of so many small-scale revolutions. Near-sourcing the production of consumer electronics could have profound impacts on global supply chains, creating opportunities in the western hemisphere for production jobs and requiring ports and goods movement companies to facilitate the flow of components and raw materials, rather than finished products. While ports themselves are seeking out change in many cases – such as recruiting local companies to take advantage of faster, more reliable ways to access Foreign trade Zones – they are adapting to change in others. But they continue to be nimble, embracing what confronts them with optimism, seeing opportunities for growth and success. this issue of Seaports focuses on how innovation and technology are affecting the bottom line at ports. It explores what changes and evolutions within the industry are helping ports with cargo efficiency and velocity – the heart and soul of successful public port authorities. We hope this issue will foster innovative concepts – the potential new use of an existing technology, the vision to use information in a new and exciting way, the opportunity to grow business lines, the chance to create a new beneficial partnership. While the port industry has a long and storied past, our story is still advancing. We continue to grow, change and evolve – to our advantage and for the benefit of the communities and nations we serve. Indeed, a long, long way from finished, the port industry may yet be on the verge of its next new and exciting chapter. I encourage you to be a part of it. ● -

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AA PA Headquarters
From the President’s Desk
Sourcing Near and Far
Partnering at Home to Encourage Trade Growth
Cruise Info on the Go
Community Ties
AA PA Gathers in D.C. for Spring Conference
Washington Poised to be Leader in Global Economy
Creating Agile Supply Chain Networks in Today’s Fast-Changing World
TTI: Costs of Delaying Channel Maintenance are High
Improving Safety and Efficiency through PORTS®
Seaports are at the Forefront of Export Growth
ACE E-Manifest Enhances Sea and Rail Security
Port Metro Vancouver Smart Fleet Trucking Strategy to Drive Efficiency, Reliability
The Buenaventura Container Terminal Invests $3.5 Million in Cargo Verification System
RFID Tags Promote Growth, Efficiency at GPA
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Seaports Magazine - Summer 2013