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»FEATURE A PARADIGM SHIFT Training on log lashing in British Columbia. AUTOMATION AND JOBS Cargo moving in and out of ports has required ports to hire While the move to increased terminal mechanization and more people, even though the volume per person being moved automation is apparent around the world, Beckett believes is considerably greater because of mechanization, says John technology is changing jobs for the workforce on some lev- Beckett, vice president of training, safety and recruitment for els. Just 50 years ago, cargo was handled almost exclusively the British Columbia Maritime Employers Association. by thousands of laborers. The work has changed in that 50 Beckett reports that in the past five years, the association short years from almost 100 percent laboring to 65 percent has brought approximately 2,400 new people into the BC West mechanized cargo handling equipment, which facilitates the Coast region's port industry and will likely recruit another movement of a vastly greater volume of cargo. 400-500 this year, 90 percent of whom stay for the long haul. Still, with the increasing growth in cargo volumes, there is In 2014, Beckett trained more than 1,100 people on differ- a move to automated terminals, which again is changing the ent pieces of cargo handling equipment and systems due to a work picture, said Beckett. "You need a lot of computer people, variety of reasons that include promoted or retiring employees mechanics and electricians, more probably than you have on and/or improvements at terminal operations that warrant a semi-automated terminal, but the huge volume of people training upgrades. you now see on a container terminal will just not be there." 10 AAPA SEAPORTS MAGAZINE

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A Paradigm Shift
U.S. Ports Benefit Economy
Port Education and Training Programs for the Next Generation
WRRDA One Year Later
Saltwater in His Veins
We Need to Invest in the Backbone of Our Economy
MARAD Programs Help Ports Stay Strong
Preparing the Port Leaders of Tomorrow
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