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ยป coVeR FeAtURe PORTS STRENGTHEN PARTNERSHIPS VIA COMMUNITy OUTREACH By Kathy A. Smith P orts are involving local communities in several ways that help educate and engage stakeholders. This involvement not only acts as a way to bridge ports to their communities, it can encourage acceptance, involvement and even partnerships. "How we achieve outreach is with open communication," says Manuel Almira, executive director for the Port of Palm Beach. "And that is our responsibility, to have an open door policy with any member of the public." Almira believes clear communication is also an important factor in engaging the public, community organizations and other stakeholders. "It is our responsibility to control the message. We try to control it as much as we can in order to avoid misinformation and resulting mistrust from the local community." Deciding what platform to use for a particular audience is key as well. Jade D. Davis, vice president of external affairs for the Port of Cleveland, says community organizations, for instance, usually have one or two central issues, such as water quality or water access, that they want addressed as opposed to the In the summer, Canada Day at Canada Place is a well-attended event at Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA). Credit: Vancouver Fraser Port Authority 10 AAPA SEAPORTS MAGAZINE general public who may have several concerns on different topics. So in one scenario, if millennials in the business community are the intended audience, a three- to five-page PowerPoint presentation and email distribution might be the best ways to get messages out to this demographic. Evangeline Englezos, director of Community and Aboriginal Affairs for Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) previously known as Port Metro Vancouver, says the port is experiencing unprecedented investment and growth and that it undertakes extensive engagement consultation activities when planning supporting tenant projects. "We're always looking to recognize what kinds of impacts we're bringing about in our community," she says. VFPA follows the International Association of Public Participation guidelines, which includes consultation with communities to ensure their concerns are addressed. The port also has three community liaison committees that are made up of diverse stakeholders in the community since the port borders on 16 different municipalities. Taking part in volunteering is central to how the Port of Corpus Christi engages its local community. "We don't just provide monetary assistance for events," says Rosie Collin, the director of community relations. "We're active participants in over 100 nonprofit organizations and we participate in a variety of volunteer activities." The port is

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