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COMMUNITy OUTREACH TOOLBOX C reating a dialog with the many communities surrounding a seaport takes broad shoulders. Once meaningful partnerships are established, port outreach programs are almost uniformly welcomed with open arms by interested neighbors. However, before achieving that level of engagement, ports are likely to encounter blank stares, self-interest or even hostility. Outreach initiatives that generate two-way communications take time to forge. Fortunately, they will, in the final analysis, pave the way for better port decision-making and contribute to quality of life in a port's backyard. Ports address some of the staples of good community outreach in different ways. They are increasingly recognizing the power of being involved in educational outreach programs. Social media is fast becoming imperative as a way for ports to communicate. Participating in community events is becoming the norm, partially due to the positive feedback a port can receive based on its involvement. And, incorporating public art is an innovative way to bring creativity into the extended community of a port, and create a permanent icon that the public may enjoy for years to come. ‚óŹ summer 2016 * WWW.AAPASEAPORTS.COM 19 http://WWW.AAPASEAPORTS.COM

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From the President's Desk
Ports Strengthen Partnerships Via Community Outreach
The Slippery Slope: Ethical Considerations in Port Business Decisions
Community Outreach Toolbox
Symbiotic Cooperation Leads to Success for Everyone
Community Relationships: Build Them Now
Port Community Outreach: A University's Role
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Seaports Magazine - Summer 2016