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» FEATURE TRUSTING THIRD-PARTY DATA If a port could cherry pick the best metrics from its partners, would it? By Lori Musser P orts have always produced metrics related to port capacity, utilization and productivity. Tremendous competitive advantage can be derived from such data when used to polish AVAILABLE PORT DATA up the marketing mix, plan for throughput and facility development, and report progress on mandates. Metrics also can help diagnose ills at the first symptoms, giving ports better opportunity to cure problems YIELD AVAILABLE PORT METRICS Always Channel and Berth Depth Berth Length Berths Cranes and Types Gross Acres Port TEU Average Vessel TEU Vessel Calls Sometimes Average Crane Moves per Hour CY and Rail Acres TEU Slots Estimated Max Vessel TEU Confidential Costs Man Hours Vessel Turn Time Rates Average Dwell Time Working Crane Hours Land Use ❱ Source: The Tioga Group 30 before they spread, and they can be shared with supply-chain partners to enhance the entire logistical supply chain. Internal data has traditionally been generated for predictable needs using justifiable AAPA SEAPORTS MAGAZINE TEU/Gross Acre TEU Slots/CY Acre (Density) TEU Slots /Gross Acre TEU/ Slot (Turns) TEU/CY Acre Gross Net CY Acres Net /Gross Ratio CY Utilization Moves /Container Average Dwell Time Crane Use Number of Cranes TEU/Crane Vessel Calls/Crane Crane Utilization Average/Max Moves per Hour TEU/Available Crane Hour TEU/Working Crane Hour TEU/Man Hour Berth Use Number of Berths Length of Berths Depth of Berth and Channel TEU/Berth Vessels /Berth Max Vessel DWT and TEU TEU / Vessel TEU Vessel TEU/Max Vessel TEU Berth Utilization - TEU Berth Utilization - Vessels Balance & Tradeoff Crane/Berth Gross Acres/Berth CY Acres /Berth CY Acres /Crane Net Acres /Berth Cost /TEU Man Hours /TEU Man Hours/Vessel

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AAPA Headquarters
From the President's Desk
Big Data, Big Possibilities
Greenlight on Green Metrics
An Eye on Data
Trusting Third-Party Data
Data in Latin America
Washington Zeroes in on Port Performance
Improving and Expanding Our Nation's Seaports
Navigating the Waves of Transportation Data
Big, Bad Big Data
Data Strategies to Avoid Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind
Leveraging Regional Freight Data to Improve Port Connectivity and Boost Trade

Seaports Magazine - Fall 2015