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ยป FEATURE WASHINGTON ZEROES IN ON PORT PERFORMANCE Kurt Nagle talks about how AAPA is helping ports tell their stories in the media and to Congress By Meredith Martino P .T. Barnum famously said "all publicity is good publicity," but anyone answering questions before a Congressional oversight panel might wonder if Mr. Barnum had it right. When 2015 began, port congestion and the protracted labor/management negotiations on the West Coast were in the news quite a bit. Washington, D.C., picked up the issue of port productivity, with the subject becoming the focus of both Congressional hearings and legislation, as well as a series of listening sessions and an ensuing report by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). 42 AAPA SEAPORTS MAGAZINE AAPA President and CEO Kurt Nagle talks about what this attention has meant for the U.S. port industry. When port congestion started appearing in the press in late 2014 and early 2015, did you feel like the media covering the issue had enough information about port operations and the value of ports to the nation's economy to put the news into the appropriate context? Kurt: All in all, we were pleased with how much the media knows about ports. We continue, however, to education and communicate to those reporters and writers who don't understand ports. As the collective and unified voice for ports, AAPA, along with its members, has spent a great deal of time on informing the media, policy makers and influencers on the vital importance of ports to our nation's economy, jobs and international competitiveness. Our overarching theme is "Seaports Deliver Prosperity." One aspect of this initiative has

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AAPA Headquarters
From the President's Desk
Big Data, Big Possibilities
Greenlight on Green Metrics
An Eye on Data
Trusting Third-Party Data
Data in Latin America
Washington Zeroes in on Port Performance
Improving and Expanding Our Nation's Seaports
Navigating the Waves of Transportation Data
Big, Bad Big Data
Data Strategies to Avoid Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind
Leveraging Regional Freight Data to Improve Port Connectivity and Boost Trade

Seaports Magazine - Fall 2015