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executive director's letter A Letter from the Executive Director DAN MARGULIES W elcome to BuildingsNY 2014, your opportunity to meet, greet, learn, and save with the leading professionals in your field. ABO is proud to sponsor the show for member and non-member alike, but we hope that while you visit the show you will consider joining. This year, we will be launching a major effort to help members comply with the Affordable Care Act and take control of their employee benefits expenses. As with our ABO Workers Compensation Program, the savings will cover our dues many times over. In this issue of Developments, we profi le some of members of new Mayor de Blasio's administration. Not crazy: that's the headline for his early appointments in the areas of housing and development. Alicia Glen as Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development; Carl Weisbrod as chair of the City Planning Commission; Vicki Been as Commissioner of HPD; and George Rodney as President of the Housing Development Corporation are solid, familiar, names with strong backgrounds in housing fi nance, planning, and development. We detail their experience along Installation Inspection Service with other new officials in this issue, but the bottom line is that they are people the industry knows and respects. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that the next few years will be easy ones for builders and owners. There will be continuing pressures to hold down rents and raise taxes. And all the experience in the world probably won't make nimbyism go away. The Bloomberg administration already grabbed the low hanging fruit of rezoning commercial and industrial areas for housing. The next trick of upzoning existing residential zones and infi ll sites will be even harder. In fact, success may mean revisiting some of the neighborhoods that were actually downzoned in recent years...so don't hold your breath. That's why the BuildingsNY Show and the industry organizations presenting speakers and seminars are so important. Knowledge is power and profit. All the exhibitors contribute too-providing new ways to cut costs and provide services. From modular construction to building management systems, to legal strategies to collect rent, it is all about being green and lean. for his (de Blasio's) early appointments in the areas of housing and development. Powerful Sales Engine. Carl Filomio 637181_Sirina.indd 1 That's the headline Sincerely, Dan Margulies Fire Alarm Fire Suppression CCTV/Security 112 West 34th Street, Ste 2012 New York, NY 10120 212.929.6800 x 422 Fax: 212.929.6888 rinafire.com www.sirinafire.com Not crazy: 212.826.8822 | TheMarketingDirectorsInc.com AUTHORIZED DEALER: 750 Lexington Avenue, 18th Floor, NYC Licensed Real Estate Broker 586938_TheMarketing.indd 1 15/05/13 4:04 PM | 7 Spring 201410:22:48 PM 5/14/12 http://www.sirinafire.com http://www.themarketingdirectorsinc.com http://www.TheMarketingDirectorsInc.com http://www.sirinafi

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A Message from ABO Executive Director Dan Margulies
BuildingsNY 2014 Bigger Than Ever
Special Education Sessions
The ABO-NYSBA Private Health Insurance and Employee Benefit Marketplace
Succession Planning To Avoid Landmines, Seek Advice Outside t he Family
The de Blasio Administration
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ABO Developments - Spring 2014