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executive director’s letter A Letter from the Executive Director DAN MARGULIES T he mayoral primary is coming up September 10, and you will have to make a choice both as an individual and a New Yorker. There are almost more candidates than space here to name them. The poll numbers are up and down. There are Republican, Democrat and Independent choices. ABO can’t tell you how to choose on your individual criteria. We can suggest how to evaluate the candidates as a New Yorker in the real estate industry. We cannot support candidates who pander to unions by supporting the socalled Living Wage bill. We cannot support candidates who think city workers shouldn’t contribute to health and pension benefits. We cannot support candidates who believe raising property taxes without cutting spending is the right way to balance the budget. We must support candidates who believe in raising zoning density to bring down the cost of housing and encourage development – even in neighborhoods that would like to bar the door to growth and change. We must support candidates who understand that taxes are the biggest cost of housing operation, and that truly affordable housing doesn’t mean subsidized housing, it means housing you can operate affordably without subsidy. We must support candidates who understand that rent regulation was a mistake and that, if they can’t end it for political reasons, they have to at least reduce its burdens on property owners and figure out how to phase it out. We must support candidates who understand that education can make or break the city and who will take on even more personal responsibility for the schools. We must support candidates who understand that jobs depend on all businesses growing, from real estate to technology to newsstand operation to plumbing. Picking winners isn’t leading, it is gambling. It is often said that New York City has a housing crisis, or a jobs crisis, or a crisis in education. What we rarely see is y a politician who acts like there is a criere We sis: Who says NIMBYs can’t block t must support needed housing or that rents are too damn high because taxes es candidates who are too damn high. Who says understand that taxes are tenure in teachers contracts is unacceptable. Who says the biggest cost of housing manufacturing doesn’t operation, and that truly want to be in the ‘Garment District’ and yuppies do, affordable housing doesn’t so grow up, rezone and get mean subsidized housing, on with it. You may not agree with it means housing you can all these criteria, and it is operate affordably unlikely a single candidate te will pass muster on all of them. hem. without subsidy. But, please consider these issues as sues you review the field, and remember to member vote. Summer 2013 | 5 http://www.naylornetwork.com/abo-nxt/

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A Message from ABO Executive Director Dan Margulies
A Resounding Success
ABO Mayoral Forum
Energy Auditing and Retro-Commissioning
The Future of Building Façade Inspection
Legal Issues for Renovations by R esidents
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ABO Developments - Summer 2013