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executive director’s letter A Letter from the Executive Director DA N M A RGU L I E S D ue to publishing deadlines I am writing this before the mayoral primar y. Without knowing the winners, specifically, I can say that we are in trouble. None of the major candidates’ policy positions have inspired enthusiasm in the business or real estate community. Most of their industry support comes under the heading of self-defense. No matter who wins, the city is facing budget demands for retired employee benefits and new union settlements. Those demands are on top of already crushing and inequitable property taxes. I would tell you to vote for the candidate who has a plan to cut spending and taxes and encourage private development, but I am not sure there is one. A couple of candidates have suggested speeding development by taking approval processes out of the Department of Buildings and putting them in a new agency, but creating new bureaucracies instead of fixing old ones may not be the most thoughtful answer. Similarly, the idea of punitive taxes on vacant land to encourage development has been f loated on the left…presumably so owners have to build parking garages while they assemble sites. Virtually every candidate wants to spend a billion dollars on affordable housing programs. The one clear truth in this political season is that ABO members have resources to help other members survive and prosper despite the odds. I was thrilled to read this summer that installing Insinkerator garbage disposals is worth a point towards a green building rating under the National Green Buildings Standard, ICC 700. Longtime members will recall ABO member Clint Taylor spending decades fighting to make garbage disposals legal in New York City. In this issue we talk about the things, such as installing Insinkerators, which are real benefits to owners, tenants, and the environment and not just ‘feelgood’ points. Another article reports the insights of ABO June luncheon speaker Barry Rudofsky, who grew his family real estate business with both private capital and institutional money and explained why the pendulum in finance and ownership was swinging back to traditional deals…for now. Perhaps the most interesting part of Barry’s presentation was his explanation of why his deals made eals money when so many didn’t after the A couple 2008 crunch. Hint: equity, prudence, and patience. of candidates have Looking ahead, ABO has s suggested speeding moved to new offices in Midtown and is retooling for development by taking the year ahead. Around the approval processes out of the time this issue appears, we will be running a seminar Department of Buildings and program on Management putting them in a new agency, Tech at the NYARM Trade Show. We are also developing but creating new bureaucracies the education program for instead of fixing old ones our own BuildingsNY Show coming March 19-20, 2014. may not be the most Most importantly, we want to thoughtful answer. hear from you about the subjects we ts can help you with…with speakers, semirs, nars, publications, or workshops. Our hops. address has changed, but our phone and email numbers remain the same. Please get in touch. ● Fall 2013 | 5

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ABO Developments - Fall 2013