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Save Money on Energy-Saving Upgrades O ver the past six years, city agencies and utilities have developed programs aimed at coaxing building owners to install energy conservation measures. To help sort through some of the most generous programs, CHIP and Original Energy presented a special seminar in September featuring representatives from public and privates agencies providing incentives and funding for energy-saving upgrades. Moderated by David Singer, president of Original Energy, the panel included John Skipper of Con Edison's business development/energy efficiency division; Amelia Axtell, Energy Advisor at Lockheed Martin, facilitator of Con Edison's Commercial and Industrial Program; Laura Slutsky, executive director of Green Preservation Initiatives at HPD; and Tim Reilly, director of financial services at GEC Finance. 14 Con Edison's 5-75 Program Con Edison's Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program for buildings with from five to 75 units offers a free survey to identify opportunities for owners to qualify for rebates on upgrades of lighting, HVAC and energy management systems and insulation of the building envelope. For qualifying buildings, Con Edison's Skipper said, Con Ed provides incentives for owners to recover "an average of roughly one-third of the installed cost of these projects." Even if the owner decides against making improvements, Con Ed offers some freebies just for taking the survey, including smart power strips, LED light bulbs, thermostatic radiator valves, faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads for each apartment. The utility offers a special program providing free common area lighting for | A B O D E V E L O P ME NTS * www.abogny.com buildings in parts of Brooklyn and Queens, including Greenpoint, East Williamsburg, Bushwick, Bedford Stuyvesant, East Flatbush, Richmond Hill, Howard Beach, Broad Channel and Ozone Park. Large-Scale Buildings Con Edison's Commercial and Industrial Program focuses on multifamily buildings with more than 75 units, offering up to 50 percent of the cost of energy upgrades in two categories - flat rate rebates for equipment change-outs, and performance-based incentives for custom-type projects. While the program does not offer a free energy survey, they will do a building walk-through to provide energy saving tips. Flat rate rebates are offered for upgrades to interior and exterior LED lighting fixtures, exhaust fans, HVAC fans, heating water pumps, cooling tower fans, chiller/condenser water pumps and http://www.abogny.com

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A Message from ABO Executive Director Dan Margulies
The Big Ugly Decoding the Rent Act of 2015
New Technology in Elevators
Save Money on Energy-Saving Upgrades
New Flood Risk Standards
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ABO Developments - Fall 2015