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executive director's letter A Letter from the Executive Director DAN MARGULIES W hat goes up may go sideways. That is either an insight from our article on new elevator technology or from our wrap up of changes in the rent laws. As the rent law changes get analyzed and interpreted, the only thing owner and tenant attorneys can agree on is that the Legislature can't write laws very well. We highlight some of the major controversies and contradictions in this issue. If mankind (or as close as legislators get) isn't enough of a problem, we have to deal with Mother Nature too. Proposed new floodplain maps could block federal insurance, mortgages, and refinancings of apartments in large chunks of the city. New York City government and industry groups are lobbying for changes, but it is not clear whether the science, politics, and economics will leave us high or dry. The real estate news is all about tall buildings and high density these days, which begs the question: How do you get up there? When 100-story residential buildings were proposed 30 years ago, we worried about penthouse dwellers who might forget to buy milk and have to make a 20-minute trip to the lobby. But, as we report this month, elevator speeds have increased from 40 to 2000 feet per minute. Bet you didn't know that. Technology for older buildings has changed too, so check it out. It seems as though someone is holding an energy conservation seminar of some kind every month. Actually, someone is. CHIP's energy seminar in September, however, was focused on the latest ways to get someone else to pay for your improvements. You are paying surcharges to your utility company for state mandated programs - read about how to get the money back. Finally, we continue to be excited that CHIP is now managing ABO. Together, we offer more resources for builders, owners, and managers of multifamily housing than any other organization in New York. Developments will only be available to non-members for a short time longer. Join us, and enjoy reading. NORTHEAST DIVERSIFICATION, INC. DBA Northeast Paving As we report this month, elevator speeds have increased from 40 to 2000 feet per minute. Bet you didn't know that. Technology for older buildings has changed too, so check it out. Combining the latest in technology with over 42 years of security service experience to deliver unparalleled value & results Security Guards Concierge/Front Desk Fire Safety Directors Fire Guards Site Work, UƟůiƟes, Earthwork, Paving, AsphĂůt SeĂůing, Crack Fŝůůing, Striping, Landscaping and Hydro-seeding Bay Ridge Security Phone: (716) 681-8879 Fax: (716) 681-3407 www.northeastpaving.com 692979_Northeast.indd 1 #2 Cadby Industrial Park Lancaster, NY 14086 Est. 1973 www.bayridgesecurity.com 5/23/14 7:00768648_Bay.indd PM 1 Contact to schedule a free consultation or request a proposal Edward Katta, Vice President 718-238-2974 ext 105 ekatta@bayridgesecurity.com | Fall 2015 9/22/15 7 1:51 PM http://bayridgesecurity.com http://www.northeastpaving.com http://www.bayridgesecurity.com http://www.northeastpaving.com

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A Message from ABO Executive Director Dan Margulies
The Big Ugly Decoding the Rent Act of 2015
New Technology in Elevators
Save Money on Energy-Saving Upgrades
New Flood Risk Standards
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ABO Developments - Fall 2015