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COUNTY FOCUS >> "Walton County had been one of the fastest growing counties in the country. It was an eye-opener trying to maintain our infrastructure and public safety with no tax increases. My view of conservative means that you earn your own keep. I was raised on a farm, and I learned to operate within my means." ACCG President Kevin Little 10 GEORGIA COUNTY GOVERNMENT

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Georgia County Government - Summer 2014

President’s Message
Director’s Desk
County Focus: Walton County and Pragmatic Governance
County Wellness Programs: The Healthy Choice for Employees and Budgets
UGA Extension’s Walk Georgia Offers County Governments a Free, Online Option for Worksite Wellness
Counties and the Affordable Care Act: An Update on Federal Healthcare Legislation
Leadership Development: ACCG Gives County Officials ‘Tools’ to Make Better Decisions
News & Notes
Index of Advertisers

Georgia County Government - Summer 2014