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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Looking Forward to the 101st Year of Service By Kevin Little President >> Always remember the reason why you were elected to serve your local communities. Make sure service remains a priority when moving into the second century. For service is the main reason in which our association exists. THERE ARE MANY words that can express the significance of 2014 to ACCG and its members. So far, this year has been momentous, a milestone, a celebration, commemorative, and everything else one can think of to describe such a special time. As we look to the remainder of the year, we look forward to continuing this yearlong centennial celebration by launching several of our educational initiatives to make sure all Georgians become more informed about county government. Looking back on the great things that resulted from this year, so far, solidifies our impact on the state and our efforts as local officials to improve the quality of life for every Georgian. We began 2014 with our Capitol Connection Conference in which we launched this historic year with our state counterparts by passing special resolutions in each chamber of the state legislature. Attaining the support of prestigious individuals such as Gov. Deal and various state representatives and senators illustrated the collaboration that is necessary to continue our mission of advancing Georgia's counties. Serving as ACCG president for the 2014-2015 year is very significant. As the new president, I am the last president of our first century of service as well as the first president of our second century. As we move into the next century, we must continue to honor the past while we enter this new phase with forward-thinking to continue on our journey of advancing Georgia's counties. As we assume this forward-thinking approach, let us all consider what steps we may take collectively to leave our mark on the 101st year. One step I ask that we take, something we may continue to do and is what we do best, is serve all 159 county governments the best way we know how. Always remember the reason why you were elected to serve your local communities. Make sure service remains a priority when moving into the second century. For service is the main reason in which our association exists. Now that we are in what some may refer to as the "second half," we are well into our journey of service and not very far from being finished. With many new and exciting things to look forward to as we finish out the year, there are two last things I want us all to consider. Why does our work matter; why do we do what we do? This is where it is important to maximize the opportunities made available to us in the You Are Why We're Here county communications campaign. The county communications campaign was designed in a way to educate Georgians of all ages about the significance of county government. How can we continue to leave our mark? As I stated previously, service should always remain a priority. When we make decisions as elected officials we must always acknowledge the concerns of our constituents. Ensuring they are a part of every decision we make will allow us to implement policies that will provide them with a better quality of life. The next century of service will be another to remember. While we close out one century and approach another, let us bask in the moment of reaching such a monumental mark. Let us continue to honor our history by progressing and creating new hallmarks along the way. May we recommit to what should never change. Our work should always be reflective of the vision of our founding members-improvement and advancement. Let us continue to partner with other entities such as our municipalities, state counterparts and other associations to move Georgia forward. ■ SUMMER 2014 7

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County Focus: Walton County and Pragmatic Governance
County Wellness Programs: The Healthy Choice for Employees and Budgets
UGA Extension’s Walk Georgia Offers County Governments a Free, Online Option for Worksite Wellness
Counties and the Affordable Care Act: An Update on Federal Healthcare Legislation
Leadership Development: ACCG Gives County Officials ‘Tools’ to Make Better Decisions
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Georgia County Government - Summer 2014