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dIrector's desK teAm AccG! By Ross King Executive Director >> As I look at AccG today, we have grown in size to 79 staff members whom are still blessed with a board of managers (bom) that maintains that critical organizational vision. our budget in 1987 was approximately $760,000 and today we are just in excess of $16 million. our core mission remains serving as the "voice of Georgia counties" (or, as we proudly promote today, "Advancing Georgia's counties"). my FirSt dAy on the job at ACCG was June 3, 1987. Our offices at the time were located in the historic Candler Building adjacent to Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta. I was the seventh member of our ACCG team and while we were small in numbers we were blessed with a Board of Managers and an organizational leader who had a vision, coupled with a passion to accomplish that vision, and set lofty goals as we moved forward. As I look at ACCG today, we have grown in size to 79 staff members whom are still blessed with a Board of Managers (BOM) that maintains that critical organizational vision. Our budget in 1987 was approximately $760,000 and today we are just in excess of $16 million. Our core mission remains serving as the "voice of Georgia counties" (or, as we proudly promote today, "Advancing Georgia's Counties"). This mission first and foremost is in the field of Legislative Advocacy. As we began our service in 1914, we actively promoted our federal and state legislative platform, as approved by our statewide membership, with our congressional and state legislative leaders. We also work closely with Governor Deal's team, state constitutional officers and state agency heads on a wide array of topics. As approved by our Board of Managers in 2011, we concentrate on expanding our service offerings through the ACCG four pillars - civic engagement, legislative advocacy, leadership development and member services. Our Civic Affairs Foundation is relatively new yet we have proudly worked with our partners to fund nearly 300 separate college internships as well as an after school program for high school students in counties throughout the state. Our leadership development partnership with the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia has dramatically expanded in recent years to provide nearly 90 separate courses (all of which have been developed using a unique design team concept which has dramatically improved course quality and membership interest). The foundation of ACCG - Legislative Advocacy - has been expanded to provide a Federal Policy Committee that amplifies our federal / county relationship. In addition, our policy and legal teams are a recognized force by the public and private sectors for the outstanding work that they do each day on a wide array of critical topics. They consistently pride themselves, and rightfully so, on maintaining a SOLUTIONS ORIENTED APPROACH and not simply forming "walls of opposition." Our final pillar - Member Services - has been "under construction" since the establishment of our Pension Program in 1968. Over the past 47 years, we have consistently worked to develop our membership services into a broader array of retirement services as well as a nationally recognized insurance program that focuses on areas from risk management and group health to inmate medical coverage as a result of our partnership with BlueCrossBlueShield of Georgia. The members services area also has expanded into Financial Services (leasing program), Preferred Partnerships with nationally and statewide recognized vendors. Most recently, this pillar area has allowed the association to amplify programs promoted by the National Association of Counties such as U.S. Communities, Multibank Securities - E-Connect and GovDeals. To complement our office efforts we have a tremendous "field presence," which is led by a staff member who has experience as a local elected official. His skill set is unmatched; and, as we build for tomorrow, we are putting in place a cadre of public sector professionals (some recently retired from the ranks of county government) who can expand our statewide footprint. Team ACCG would not be complete without the members of our administrative support staff in each of our offices that ensure the daily needs of the association are met. From our director of first impressions who greets office visitors on the telephone and in person, to our various claims and retirement assistants, each staff member is an essential piece that completes the dynamics in which ACCG is composed. Nothing mentioned above would be available if it were not for our consistent endorsement and support from our Board of Managers! They have provided the guidance and energy to approve program concepts then the budgetary approval to hire very qualified and highly technical / skilled staff to carry out the ACCG mission! It is my honor to work with the men and women of TEAM ACCG each day! The talent and intellectual capacity of these individuals is truly amazing! Their hearts and minds are dedicated to the task at hand. They also spend considerable time and attention coordinating our work with a series of third party vendors that specialize in various areas. These people are an extension of TEAM ACCG and they proudly note their dedication to our membership. As they each have mentioned, ACCG is much more than a client. There is no single individual who can carry out the multitude of tasks that are undertaken by TEAM ACCG! We are a group of individuals who have a very wide array of talents, interests, skills and abilities. The common theme among all of us is that we are dedicated to ensuring that Georgia county governments are extremely well represented and served each and every day! ■ FALL 2015 11

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President’s Message
Director’s Desk
Putting the Private Sector to Work for Georgia’s Counties
Military Partnerships with Georgia Counties a Win-Win
Georgia Helps Itself: The Efforts to Provide Funding Alternatives
A New Direction
Rebounding Economy Leads to Reform in Property Tax Law
The Crisis on our Roads: Turning the Tide on Surge in Georgia Traffic Deaths
2015 Legislative Service Award Recipients
Education and Economic Development Go Hand-in-Hand
County Collaborations with Local Schools Save Money, Improve Efficiency
Georgia’s Technical Colleges: Where Business and Education Intersect
Welcome to 191 Peachtree, ACC G's New Home
Georgia County Internship Program: Summer Success Stories
ACCG Heads to Jekyll Island for the Legislative Leadership Conference
Conference Agenda
I, You, Me, and We
Reducing In-the-Line-of Duty Deaths with Below 100 Train the Trainer
“Her Majesty” Instills Valuable Lessons: Lessons learned from the Hancock County Courthouse Fire
Thank You to our Partners
Why Can’t We Just Keep It All? The Case for Records & Information Management
Social Media and the Dog Tags
News & Notes
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Georgia County Government - Fall 2015