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ImPAct oF leGIslAtIon/PolIcY legislative service award recipients UNDERSTANDING THAT GOVERNING the citizens of Georgia is a collaborative effort amongst elected officials at all levels, ACCG honors various state senators and representatives annually with the Legislative Service Award program. The recipients are acknowledged for their collective endeavors in moving the state forward. The following individuals have been recognized with a 2015 Legislative Service Award. By Schuyler Harding REP. PAUL BATTLES (R-15) Rep. Paul Battles (R-15) authored and carried HB 202, the significant property tax reform legislation, which he worked on with ACCG for three years. This legislation made significant improvements to the property tax appeals process that will benefit taxpayers. It also made several changes that improve the administration and collection of property taxes. HB 202 legislation accomplished fifteen policy requests within the ACCG Policy Platform. SEN. STEVE GOOCH (R-51) Sen. Steve Gooch (R-51) is recognized for his work with ACCG on SB 4. Sen. Gooch's efforts included working with ACCG to remove the utility relocation reimbursement language from SB 4 against considerable private utility interests' objections. In addition, he also helped ACCG with HB 170, the transportation funding legislation, and worked closely with the ACCG policy team on SB 169 to provide sufficient local benefit, and in turn, earn local support. REP. HOWARD MAxWELL (R-17) Rep. Howard Maxwell (R-17) sponsored HB 217, ACCG's mutual fund legislation. This legislation ensures that ACCG and other local government retirement systems may continue to invest pension assets in mutual funds. He remained dedicated to ensuring the bill's passage through its several reiterations. Rep. Maxwell worked incredibly hard to get HB 217 out of the Senate Rules Committee where he made three separate appearances to ask that the bill make it to the Senate Floor for a vote. SEN. JEFF MULLIS (R-53) Sen. Jeff Mullis (R-53) authored and carried SB 122, the legislation that authorizes local governments to designate a portion of future SPLOST revenues to pay for future needed repairs as a result of damage caused by natural disasters. ACCG has a policy position that asks the General Assembly to allow counties to spend a portion of their SPLOST revenues on unexpected emergencies. SB 122 will save taxpayers money when they vote to use a portion of their SPLOST revenues on state projects. Under current law, counties have to pay attorneys to create intergovernmental agreements to allow them to spend SPLOST proceeds on state projects. FALL 2015 45

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President’s Message
Director’s Desk
Putting the Private Sector to Work for Georgia’s Counties
Military Partnerships with Georgia Counties a Win-Win
Georgia Helps Itself: The Efforts to Provide Funding Alternatives
A New Direction
Rebounding Economy Leads to Reform in Property Tax Law
The Crisis on our Roads: Turning the Tide on Surge in Georgia Traffic Deaths
2015 Legislative Service Award Recipients
Education and Economic Development Go Hand-in-Hand
County Collaborations with Local Schools Save Money, Improve Efficiency
Georgia’s Technical Colleges: Where Business and Education Intersect
Welcome to 191 Peachtree, ACC G's New Home
Georgia County Internship Program: Summer Success Stories
ACCG Heads to Jekyll Island for the Legislative Leadership Conference
Conference Agenda
I, You, Me, and We
Reducing In-the-Line-of Duty Deaths with Below 100 Train the Trainer
“Her Majesty” Instills Valuable Lessons: Lessons learned from the Hancock County Courthouse Fire
Thank You to our Partners
Why Can’t We Just Keep It All? The Case for Records & Information Management
Social Media and the Dog Tags
News & Notes
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Georgia County Government - Fall 2015