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DIRECTOR'S DESK Jacqualyn Susanne King Praise from a Father to His Daughter By Ross King Executive Director >> I am honored that my daughter graced my life for 22 years and I am a better man, leader and friend as a result of her life lesson to me. My wish for each of you who read this editorial is that you take a moment and assess your life path - reach out to those who truly impact you and make sure that they know how you feel. 8 GEORGIA COUNTY GOVERNMENT SINCE I WAS appointed to the role of ACCG executive director on May 1, 2010, I have used this Director's Desk editorial solely to express my opinions on business-related matters. The day-to-day operations of ACCG are wrapped directly around our statewide membership on a wide range of issues that fall directly under our Board of Managers' vision of Civic Engagement, Leadership Development, Legislative Advocacy, and Membership Services. My column, rightly so, has concentrated on these specific areas as well as an acknowledgment of our historical achievement of reaching our centennial celebration this year. Today, I am compelled to depart from my traditional editorial approach to embrace a broader life perspective. As many of you know, my 22-year-old daughter Jacqualyn passed away on September 9, 2014, after a 2.5-year battle against melanoma skin cancer. My family was by her side for her final weeks on this earth and we literally witnessed her spirit rise as she drew her final breath. Such an experience has been impossible to adequately describe to our loved ones, friends and associates. However, we now have joy in our hearts that she is no longer suffering pain and that she is eternally safe. She will remain forever deep in our hearts, souls and minds. I am sharing our experience with you for several reasons. First and foremost, I find it is vitally important to acknowledge that one's life must embrace a "personal context." Those whom we come into contact with either as friends or associates in the workplace can only see into a limited window of one's personal life. That is indeed appropriate and proper, yet I find it vitally important to note that everyone you come into contact with carries a wide range of personal experiences filled with levels of joy as well as pain that demand sensitivity. My heart and mind are more aware of this fact as a result of Jacqualyn's life experience. While I worked hard to embrace the fact that my job demands required me to continue to perform on behalf of our leadership, membership and ACCG staff during the decline of Jacqualyn's health, I knew deep inside that I was surrounded by my faith, grace from family, and close friends throughout our great State of Georgia and many across the country. The overall lesson, as tough as it is to thoroughly appreciate, is that we on this Earth are "not in control." The next point I want to underscore is that my daughter's experience opened my eyes very clearly to the level of struggle that is endured by many people each and every day of their respective lives. The numerous trips to various medical facilities put us directly in front of a large faction of our society comprised of individuals who literally fight each day to continue their respective journey on this earth. While I was certainly aware of this fact prior to Jacqualyn's diagnosis in February of 2012, witnessing it firsthand, for the past 2.5 years, was indeed a humbling and sometimes heart-wrenching experience. As the days passed and these experiences increased, I found it numbing to listen to various individuals who possess many of life's blessings, including good health, complain about inconveniences they were experiencing. Measuring the importance of family, friendship, and the importance of extending the gift of quality time spent with those we love and enjoy being with, became vividly clearer to me. I know that this quality will not be lost and has become a core part of my "being." My family and I are truly honored to be surrounded by so many true friends, which brings me to my next point. We are on this Earth for a very limited period of time. Please note this fact and understand that every day

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President’s Message
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From the Prospect’s Perspective: A Look at Economic Development From the Perspective of Potential Businesses
ACCG District Days at the Capitol
The 2015 Legislative Preview: Preparing for Successful County Advocacy
Cultivating Future Leaders: A Look at GCAPS
Centennial Celebration Year in Review
Jefferson County finds Benefit in ACCG Equipment Leasing Program
GASB’s New Rules on Uniformity and Disclosure
Extension News: Leftover Harvests Feed Inmates; Thanks to UGA Extension Collaborative Effort
Partner News: The Value of Communication: Digital Signage
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Georgia County Government - Winter 2014