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centerlines TH E V O IC E O F A IR P O R TS JUNE 2014 | Airport Upgrades Terminal design in the U.S. and Canada Car-sharing, Ride-booking Services Present Challenges Airports use Technology to Direct Passengers Information Xchange

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Centerlines - June 2014

President’s Message an Interim Report: Making Progress to Take ACI-NA to the Next Level.
Canadian Airports Industry, Government Determined to Improve Security Screening at Canada’s Airports.
Associates’ Corner ACI-NA’s World Business Partners/associates Board of Directors Are Your Peers, Working for You.
Calendar of Events
4 Questions for ACI-NA Finding New Ways to Reduce Long Customs Lines.
Information Xchange
Snapshots Highlights ACI-NA’s Membership and Most Recent Events.
Cover Story: Airport Upgrades a View of Terminal Design in the United States and Canada
Finance: Need a Ride? Increasingly Common Car-Sharing, Ride-Booking Services Present New Challenges to Airports.
Technology: Finding a Way Airports Use Technology to Direct Passengers.
Grand Openings
Now Underway
New Members
Index of advertisers/
Outside the Office

Centerlines - June 2014