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INSIDE ACF Member Profile Keville Larson, Renaissance Forester His legacy runs deep through the community FIONA SOLTES Keville and Weezie Larson visit Mount St. Helens. B ack when Keville Larson was an undergrad at Stanford University, he explored as many options as were available: astronomy, architecture, English, history and more. But the woods kept drawing him home. He spent his summers amid the trees-and for a time lived in a tent in the foothills near campus-claiming his place in the family's extensive history in forestry. Even now, more than a decade after selling the Mobile, Alabamabased diversified forestry consulting firm Larson & McGowin, Inc. to a new owner, the 78-year-old Larson still works part days managing property. Today, however, that longleaf land is his own 1,000 acres, including family property he first put his foot on as a teen. "It's an investment; it's our retirement; it's value that we're going to use; it's my health club, because I get out there and exercise; it's my therapist because I don't need one if I can get to go to the woods; and it's a little bit of my church, too," he said. "It's a peaceful place to be." 10 The affable Larson, a fixture in the forestry industry for decades, has earned practically every accolade and held every leadership position in the field: a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Forest Landowners Association; president and then chairman of the Alabama Forestry Association; chairman of the Alabama Forestry Council; president and then executive board member of the Association of Consulting Foresters; board member for the Seventh American Forest Congress; induction into the Foresters Hall of Fame from the Society of American Foresters; and member of the Yale Forest Forum External Advisory Board (he received a master's degree in forestry from the school); just to name a few. Ask him what he's most proud of, though, and the answer might come as a surprise. In addition to his forestry legacy, Larson has left a substantial fingerprint on the area arts scene. Here, he has been president of the Allied Arts Council of Metropolitan Mobile; board member for the City of Mobile Museum; president of Greater Mobile Concerts, Inc.; president of Mobile Opera; and board member for Mobile Botanical Gardens. He also has been a board of trustees member for Dauphin Way Methodist Church. "I do like the other activities," he said, noting that his favorites now include a lingering cup of coffee in the morning with his wife of 53 years, Weezie Larson, and sunset boating on the Dog River with a cocktail. There also has been a significant amount of soccer through the years; he helped form one of Mobile's first teams in 1966 and played until age 60-time to protect his knees, he said, so he could keep walking in the woods. Involvement in the community is something Larson has always valued-and he hopes his participation inspires others. Besides, bringing his business and professional expertise to various organizations has been a better fit than bringing his musical skills-or lack thereof. His mother, her four brothers and their mother, from a sawmill town, formed their own chamber music group, enjoyed playing, and encouraged others to do the same. "My mother was a strong pianist," he said. "She wasn't a professional, but Keville and Weezie Larson sightseeing during the ACF Flagstaff meeting. THE CONSULTANT 2016

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Member Profile: Keville Larson, Renaissance Forester
The Value of a Consulting Forester
Fracking and the Landowner
Two Weeks at the Gates of Hell
If It Walks Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck…
Proposed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Regulations from the FAA
Cross-Border Trade Disputes Heat Up
Will Small Firms Have to Specialize to Survive?
The Cradle of Forestry
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