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FEATURE Two Weeks at the GATES OF HELL One forester's view of the Washington wildfires BOB SCHUMACHER, ACF This account is written from the viewpoint of a forester who visits his cabin in the mountains, only to find it in the path of two huge wildfires. I am not a fire scientist or a firefighter, but I received a crash course in wildfire behavior. H ow did a consulting forester whose home is in Georgia end up owning a cabin in a vast, lightly populated county next to the Canadian border? The story is too long to relate here, but earlier in my career I worked on two large for- est inventory jobs in Okanogan County, Washington. Compared to the lands west of the Cascades in Oregon and Washington, this is a great place for field work. The slopes are gentler, rain is infrequent, and the brush is less fierce. The rolling mountains seem to go on forever. De The Okanogan County, Washington, cabin prior to the fires in October 2013. 26 pending on slope, elevation, and aspect, the cover type ranges from sagebrush and grass, to open ponderosa pine stands, to dense mixed conifer forest. The irrigated river valleys feature mile upon mile of orchards. I fell in love with the place. Later on, after I had moved to Georgia, the opportunity arose to buy a cabin with 40 acres, cheap. The cabin trip was supposed to be a real vacation. Being a self-employed forester, I don't take vacations in the sense that an hourly or salaried worker would-usually just a day off here and there to explore the awesome places my job takes me to. On August 15, 2015, after spending a night in Portland, I made the 400-mile drive to my cabin in Okanogan County. My work had run out, and it would be at least a week before anything else would be available. The cabin beckoned. Each day's news is full of crisis and tragedy. To most of us, most of the time, it is someone else's crisis, someone else's tragedy. We watch from a distance and say, "How awful." Then we carry on with whatever has us occupied at the moment. THE CONSULTANT 2016

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From the Executive Director: The Elephant in the Room
From the President ACF – We Join You
Member Profile: Keville Larson, Renaissance Forester
The Value of a Consulting Forester
Fracking and the Landowner
Two Weeks at the Gates of Hell
If It Walks Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck…
Proposed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Regulations from the FAA
Cross-Border Trade Disputes Heat Up
Will Small Firms Have to Specialize to Survive?
The Cradle of Forestry
Products & Services Buyers’ Guide
Index of Advertisers
A Call to Order

The Consultant - 2016