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American Tree Farm System Honors
Brittany VanderWall with
2019 National Leadership Award
The American Tree Farm System ® (ATFS) is pleased to recognize
Brittany VanderWall of Michigan with the 2019 National Leadership
Award. The award recognizes the efforts of extraordinary volunteers for
their leadership in motivating other volunteers, educating landowners
and accomplishing his or her state committee's forest conservation
goals. VanderWall was presented the award by U.S. Forest Service
Chief Vicki Christiansen on February 26 at the 2019 ATFS National
Leadership Conference in Louisville, KY.
"Brittany has an incredible energy and enthusiasm for ATFS that
is contagious. Not only has she inspired many other young forestry
professionals to get involved in ATFS in Michigan, but also across
the nation," said Tom Martin, the president and CEO of the American
Forest Foundation, the organization that oversees ATFS. "We are at a
time where we are seeing a changing of the guard in forestry - both
with land ownership, as well as with the leaders and volunteers in
ATFS. Brittany is at the vanguard of the next generation of resource
professionals leading ATFS and helping to reach more family forest
owners, and helping them increase their impact on wood, wildlife and
clean water."
ATFS is an internationally-known recognition and certification
program that provides family and private forest owners with
support and tools to keep their forests healthy and sustainable. It
is administered nationally, and run at the state level by volunteer
committees. VanderWall has been involved with Michigan ATFS since
2015 and has served as state Tree Farm Chair since 2016.

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what they need to know in order
to make a decision on their
property?" she added.
Under VanderWall, the
Michigan Tree Farm Program
has nominated more of these
landowners, including young,
non-traditional owners with
smaller acreages, for regional
and national awards. "The
committee is being a lot more
intentional recognizing all types
of landowners who are doing
outstanding jobs," Anrrich said.
The Michigan Tree Farm
Program also has grown the
Wheels to Woods program, which
provides money for transporting
students out to the forests where
they enjoy a day in the woods.
"The committee has been able
to work with the Department of
Natural Resources to find the
available grant resources; that's
taken a huge amount of work
from Brittany and her committee
to make that happen and
coordinate those efforts," said
Riley. "Because of that, they've
had literally thousands of children
in the state exposed to the idea
of good forest stewardship, to
careers in forestry and to the
important role that forestry
plays in their state. All of those
things are possible because of
the leadership that Brittany and
her committee have had on this
National influence
Tree Farm programs in other
states have heard of the changes
in the Michigan program and are
eager to replicate its successes.
"At the National Leadership
Conference in 2017, Brittany
and Kayti gave a presentation
about engaging the next
generation of leaders. It was
one of the most highly rated
sessions at the conference,"
said Anrrich. "Brittany was able
to inspire many of the people in
the audience to at least open


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