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Growing Forest
Conservation, Together:

The 2019 National
Leadership Conference

his year, the American
Tree Farm System (ATFS)
welcomed more than 250
Tree Farmers, inspectors, state
committee leaders, and partners
to the three-day 2019 National
Leadership Conference (NLC). It
was an energetic event filled with
conversations about working with
greater numbers of family forest
owners and taking advantage of
opportunities to strengthen, grow
and increase the impact of ATFS.
National Landowner Outreach
Communities of Practice (COP)
For the first time ever, the
American Forest Foundation's
Communities of Practice (COP)
meeting was hosted in conjunction
with NLC. The COP is an effort
to bring together conservation
partners to improve outreach and
resources for landowners. This
year's meeting included more than
40 partners from conservation
organizations, state agencies and
extension forestry who worked
alongside leaders from the ATFS
community to collaborate, share
results and receive feedback on
their current work while exploring
new ideas from the work of others.
Workshops for Ideas and
Solutions Exchange
The Workshops for the Ideas
& Solutions Exchange (WISE)
sessions created spaces for
participants to share, learn, and
work together on ways that we can
reach more landowners and better
serve their needs. Led by ATFS
38 WOODLAND * Spring 2019

community members from around
the nation, each session addressed
key issues that Tree Farmers face.
The American Forest Foundation
(AFF) and ATFS will build on this
feedback to support the capacities
of state committees, inspectors
and foresters to increase landowner
White Oak Initiative
This year's conference featured
a panel on the White Oak Initiative,
a coalition of organizations from
various fields working to ensure the
long-term sustainability of America's
white oak trees. The panelists from
participating organizations shared
why the white oak is so important
to their work, and how white oak
offers enormous environmental
and economic value; it is essential
that this species is protected for
generations to come. The White
Oak Initiative is dedicated to doing
just that.
Removing Barriers to Engage
More Landowners
The outreach, education,
and recognition ATFS offers to
landowners in each state is vital to
increasing forest stewardship. The
NLC featured ATFS Open House
sessions where national staff and
state committees shared the latest
ways AFF is working with volunteers
and partners to remove barriers that
commonly prevent landowners from
participating in active stewardship.
New tools like the Landscape
Management Plans, WoodsCamp,
and certification tools for foresters

are already helping more family
forest owners achieve certification
quickly and get started in
sustainable forest management.
AFF and ATFS are dedicated
to working with members of the
Tree Farm program to continue
to grow forest conservation by
strengthening, growing and
increasing the impact of the ATFS
program. AFF is working with
committee leaders, partners, and
foresters to engage more family
forest owners to actively care
for their woodlands and ensure
clean water, wildlife habitat, and
sustainable wood supplies. To
stay up to date on AFF's projects,
events, and more, visit www.
forestfoundation.org, or attend your
local Tree Farm events.

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Woodland - Spring 2019

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Brittany Vanderwall: Saying Yes to Opportunity
‘chipping In’ to Reduce Wildfire Risk in California
Strength in Numbers: Tree Farmers and Advocacy Leaders Rally to Recover Post-Disaster
Tools and Resources
Growing Forest Conservation, Together: The 2019 National Leadership Conference
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