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Amazon Makes Major Investment in
Family Forests Through the



his spring, Amazon, Inc.
announced a $7.3 million
donation, one of the largest to
date, to the new Family Forest Carbon
Program created in partnership with
the American Forest Foundation (AFF)
and The Nature Conservancy (TNC).
This commitment from Amazon
showcases the significant and
valuable role family forests play as a
climate mitigation solution.
The Family Forest Carbon Program
brings together America's family
forest owners and companies to
tackle our climate challenge together.
Owning the largest portion of
forests in the U.S., families and
individuals are a critical group in
supporting the resources and benefits
that come from forests - wildlife
habitat, clean water, wood supplies
and carbon sequestration. And they
have an opportunity to do more to
address our biggest environmental
issues through sustainable forest
management and improvement.
What's more, these family forest
owners are some of the most
passionate individuals when it
comes to forests, and want to do
right by their land. A roadblock that
often prevents most landowners
from doing so, is the high costs
associated with forest management.
The Family Forest Carbon Program
helps overcome these cost barriers
to landowners by opening carbon
38 WOODLAND * Summer 2020

Family Forest
Carbon Program
markets for the first time to small
family forest owners. Carbon markets,
like other forest product markets, are
a valuable mechanism to help forest
owners earn enough income from
their land to be able to reinvest in it.
Traditionally, carbon markets have
been inaccessible to smaller forest
holdings, those between 20 and 1,000
acres, due to cost and complexity.
The Family Forest Carbon
Program provides a path to
participation by simplifying the
process and reducing costs. For
family forest owners, the program
provides incentive payments and
technical assistance to adopt specific
sustainable forest management
practices. These practices help
improve overall forest health and
create better wildlife habitat, both top
goals of family forest owners, while
also increasing carbon sequestration
to help address climate change.
For companies, the Family
Forest Carbon Program provides
them with an opportunity to reduce
their carbon footprint through the
purchase of carbon credits, as
well contribute to environment
improvement and support forested
communities across America.
Amazon's donation will be used
to support the launch of the program
in Pennsylvania and expand the
program in the Appalachians and
other U.S. regions.

Kara Hurst, Vice President,
Sustainability, Amazon said,
"Amazon's Right Now Climate Fund
will be investing $100 million in
nature-based climate solutions like
[the] Family Forest Carbon Program
that tackle the climate crisis while
also having a positive economic
impact in the community and in
nature. These projects will conserve
forests and wildlife for future
generations - and the planet - while
providing valuable financial support
to small- and medium-sized family
forest owners. We are delighted to
work with The Nature Conservancy
and the American Forest Foundation
on this [program]."
Amazon joins a growing list of
sustainability and climate leaders who
have partnered with the Family Forest
Carbon Program, including Westrock,
International Paper, Domtar and 3M.
For more information on the
Family Forest Carbon Program, visit

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https://www.forestfoundation.org/family-forest-carbon-program http://www.fwforestry.com http://www.ifcoseedlings.com

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