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Established by Enviva Holdings, LP and administered
by the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities,
the The Enviva Forest Conservation Fund is awarding
$500,000 to three projects that will help conserve more
than 8,000 acres of environmentally sensitive bottomland
and wetland forests.
The 2017 Enviva Forest Conservation Fund grant
recipients are:
* Ducks Unlimited: The fund is providing $175,000 to
assist with the acquisition of more than 6,000 acres in
Camden County, NC. The property is designated as
wetlands and includes pocosins and Atlantic white cedar
stands, which are bottomland forest ecosystems that
the fund has designated as priority conservation targets.
Once acquired, this property will be owned by the state
and open to the public as a Wildlife Management Area.
* North Carolina Coastal Land Trust: The fund is providing
$200,000 to help acquire 1,000 acres in Bertie County,
NC, for creation of a new State Natural Area with public
access. The property includes a mature cypress-gum
swamp along the Chowan River and Salmon Creek. It
also is the site of an archaeological study to determine if
this property is where members of the Roanoke Island
"lost colonists" may have relocated for a time.
* Virginia Department of Forestry: The fund is providing
$125,000 to support a conservation easement on more
than 1,000 acres in Sussex County, VA. This project
blends working forest uses with permanent protection
of bottomland forests including mature cypress/tupelo
stands and a natural area set-aside to protect the state
rare Savanna Panic Grass (Phanopyrum gymnocarpon).
"Our local conservation partners - Ducks Unlimited,
the Virginia Department of Forestry and the North
Carolina Coastal Land Trust - have come through with
some sensational projects in this second year of the
program," said Carlton N. Owen, president and CEO of the
Endowment. "Not only will their good work lead to more
than 8,000 acres of sensitive forestland being protected,
but the public will have access to most of this property for
compatible recreational uses."
"Awards from the Enviva Forest Conservation Fund
enable our partners to secure matching dollars from other
funding sources," said Brian van Eerden, director of The
Nature Conservancy's Virginia Southern Rivers Program.
"The Nature Conservancy is pleased to see how Enviva's
investments are unlocking new capital and fostering
public interest in conserving wetland forests. If sustained,
these contributions will help achieve valuable floodplain
protection for wildlife in southeast Virginia and northeast
North Carolina."
Local, state and national conservation organizations
submitted applications for funding to protect
environmentally sensitive forests in 35 counties in the
Virginia-North Carolina coastal plain, an area that is
home to four wood pellet production facilities and a

deep-water marine terminal owned by Enviva. Applications
were evaluated by the Endowment based on a number
of factors, including the ecological quality of the property,
potential threats to the property's integrity, its associated
conservation values and links to other conservation areas.
The fund targets sensitive bottomland and wetland areas
that offer a wide range of environmental and economic
About the Enviva Forest Conservation Fund
The Enviva Forest Conservation Fund is a $5 million,
10-year program established by Enviva Holdings, LP in
December 2015 to permanently protect environmentally
sensitive bottomland and wetland forests. Administered by
the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities, the
Fund awards grants annually to nonprofit organizations and
government agencies for conservation projects in North
Carolina and Virginia.
For more information on the Enviva Forest Conservation
Fund visit www.envivaforestfund.org.
About Enviva Holdings, LP
Enviva Holdings, LP is the world's largest producer
of wood pellets, a renewable and sustainable energy
source used to generate electricity and heat. Through its
subsidiaries, Enviva Holdings, LP owns and operates plants
in the southeastern United States that produce nearly
3 million metric tons of wood pellets annually. We export our
pellets primarily to power plants in the United Kingdom and
Europe that previously were fueled by coal, enabling them
to reduce their lifetime carbon footprint by about 80 percent.
We make our pellets using sustainable practices that protect
Southern forests. And we employ about 600 people and
support many other businesses in the rural South, where
jobs and economic opportunity are sometimes scarce.
Enviva Holdings, LP conducts its activities primarily
through two entities: Enviva Partners, LP, a publiclytraded master limited partnership (NYSE: EVA), and Enviva
Development Holdings, LLC, a wholly-owned private
To learn more about Enviva Holdings, LP and
its subsidiaries, please visit our website at
About The U.S. Endowment for
Forestry and Communities
The Endowment is a not-for-profit corporation
established in 2006 at the request of the governments of
the United States and Canada. The Endowment works
collaboratively with partners in the public and private sectors
to advance systemic, transformative and sustainable change
for the health and vitality of the nation's working forests and
forest-reliant communities.
To learn more about the Endowment, please visit our
website at www.usendowment.org.

Fall 2017 * WOODLAND 11

http://www.envivaforestfund.org http://www.envivabiomass.com http://www.usendowment.org

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