Woodlands - Fall 2017 - 28

Center forestry program participant, Rev. John T. Wiggins, imagines the
possibilities of a sea of seedlings at ArborGen where conventional and
advanced genetic tree seedlings are grown.

Estate Plans, financial plans, drafting wills are all part of managing your land
today for tomorrow (2017 Symposium attendees).

Tell us more! - 2017 "SC Rural & Limited Resource Landowner Symposium"
on the campus of Voorhees College.

Forestry Workshop in Beaufort, SC.

28 WOODLAND * Fall 2017

with a lower tax assessment." Hamilton soon bought
an additional 16.6 acres that were contiguous with his
parcel. "If you look back at the chain of title, this land
was a part of the original parcel that was conveyed to
Stephen Cunningham."
He created a Limited Liability Company (LLC), and to
honor his parents, Steve and Sally Hamilton, named it
"SS Hamilton Farms."
Around this time, the US Endowment for Forestry
and Communities, Inc., the USDA Natural Resources
Conservation Service (NRCS) and the US Forest
Service all kicked in funding and technical support to do
three pilot projects, says Alan McGregor, vice president
of the Endowment. "The idea was to create a program
that would accelerate forest management on AfricanAmerican owned land, and increase the use of NRCS
Sustainable forestry allows African-American
landowners to turn land that might otherwise be a
liability, because of property taxes, into an incomeproducing asset, without the intense time-commitment
of crop farming. In South Carolina, timber is a $21 billion
industry - the largest industry in the state. The goal was
to build up organizations that could support AfricanAmerican landowners into the future.
The Center for Heirs' Property Preservation was
one of the organizations chosen for the pilot of the
Sustainable Forestry and African-American Land
Retention Program. It hired Sam Cook, a forester with
long experience working for one of the nation's largest
timber companies, International Paper, to test methods
and recruit participants.
The goal was to recruit 22 participants, which was
not expected to be easy because of the high level of
distrust among a group of landowners that had been
exploited for generations. "People think that because
I'm black, I can walk into a black community and get
buy in. That's not the case. I'm working with a group of
people who have been mistreated for a while, not only
by people of other races, but by their own race. I went
to Bible studies, family reunions, one-on-one meetings.
I talked with pastors and other gatekeepers." Eighty
people showed up at the first forestry workshop.
"Sam Cook remembered me from the Center,"
Hamilton said. "When we cleared the title, he came to
the property and asked, 'You paid your taxes on your
land, and how has the land paid you back? What is the
land doing for you?' I asked him, 'What can the land
do for me?' And that's when the door opened to the
sustainable forestry program. Sam invited me with a
group of other landowners. And like the young people
say, it was on like popcorn."
Forty people, including Hamilton, joined the program
and attended a series of workshops. Hamilton hired a
consulting forester. He applied for and received costshare funds from the Farm Service Agency and NRCS.


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