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Every Tree Farm Owner Has a
Story Worth Sharing


hen we talk with those
who aren't familiar with
family forest owners, they
are often surprised to learn that
families and individuals collectively
own the largest portion of our
nation's forests. The millions of
private landowners each have a
unique story, but they all share a
common bond: passion for their
woodlands. I'm always proud to tell
the story of America's family-owned
forests and let others know that
these landowners are very much
like you and me, they care about
their land and want to make sure
they're doing the right things to see
that it is healthy for wildlife, water,
recreation, wood supplies and for
their children and grandchildren.
Many of them have gone above and
beyond using their own time and
resources to ensure that others can
also take care of the land they love.
This is why programs like the
American Tree Farm System are
so important. ATFS provides
community, education and
recognition for family forest owners.
These landowners and volunteers
have an incredible passion for their
woodlands. They love the land, they
love to be able to share what they
know about the land, they want to
be able to talk to their friends and

4 WOODLAND * Winter 2019

neighbors in their community about
what they can do in their forests.
Combined with that passion, and the
tie between the land and people, is
what makes the ATFS community so
I'm thrilled to share that this
year's Outstanding Tree Farmers of
the Year award goes to David and
Dar New of Nourse Tree Farm in
Arlington, Washington. The National
Outstanding Tree Farmer of the
Year award is given each year by
the American Tree Farm System
to recognize terrific stewardship.
There's one winner across the
nation, and they represent scores of
passionate, dedicated Tree Farmers
across the country who are doing
incredible work on their land and
in their communities. This year's
winners exemplify this hard-working
and generous spirit. Third-generation
landowners David and Dar New
saved their family's property from
developers and transformed it into
a showcase for forest management
and habitat restoration benefiting
salmon and other wildlife. The News
have done terrific work on their land,
and have taken what they've learned
to pay it forward and share their
knowledge and passion with their
neighbors and the ATFS community.
Landowners want to pay forward
the same support, camaraderie
and benefit they received as they
learned to manage their land. In
this issue, you'll learn more about
the New family and their love of the
land. Plus, you'll also meet Peter
and Julie Parker who are helping
ensure that forests are protected
for many generations to come. By
sharing what they've learned and
helping others avoid unnecessary
challenges, they also give back to
support programs and education
for other landowners through their

The stories of family forest
owners inspire me personally and
they continue to inform and inspire
our work here at the American
Forest Foundation. I'm excited to
share more about some of the
great tools we are building to help
landowners and foresters get to
stewardship action more quickly,
making it easy for woodland
owners to find the information and
support they need, and reducing
the administrative time for foresters
so they can spend more time out
on the land talking with landowners.
And that's what it's all about ...
the connection that creates better
stewardship and healthier forests.
We couldn't do it without the insight
and support from families like the
News and the Parkers. We hope
these new approaches will help
inspire a new landowner to become
a future Outstanding Tree Farmer of
the Year.
You make these stories possible.
Thank you for being a key part
of this wonderful community.
Your generous donations work to
improve the health of our forests
and acre by acre you are helping
family forest owners be better
stewards for improved wildlife
habitat, clean water, recreation
spaces, and the sustainable wood
supplies for the products we use
every day. Your contributions
support landowner outreach,
education on best management
practices, community events, policy
advocacy and so much more that
ensure our private woodlands are
resilient and vibrant.
Please consider making a yearend contribution for healthy forests.
You may simply return the envelope
inserted in this issue with your
Thank you again for supporting
America's family-owned forests. C


Woodland - Winter 2019

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