Woodland - Winter 2020 - 20

Jennifer Johnson, administrator,
Arkansas Tree Farm Program

20 WOODLAND * Winter 2020

transition the event from an in-person
to an online meeting to ensure all
attendees' health and safety.
" We pushed back this year's
meeting program to next year, and
approached the 2020 meeting from
a totally different angle, trying to think
of topics that would engage people,
but that could also be done through
a virtual platform, " said Jennifer
Johnson, the Arkansas Tree Farm
Program administrator.
Since the Arkansas Forestry
Association (AFA) held its annual
meeting using the Zoom platform
a few weeks before the Tree Farm
event, the conference planning team
took this route as well. The AFA
purchased a high-quality camera
and transformed its conference room
into a studio for its event and for the
Arkansas Tree Farm conference. The
planning committee and staff used
the knowledge gained from hosting
the AFA meeting to ensure that the
program went smoothly.
For the program itself, the Tree
Farm conference planners recruited
Angela Wells and Leigh Peters,
ATFS certification manager, to
make virtual presentations. Max
Braswell, executive vice president of
the Arkansas Forestry Association,
updated participants on expected
legislative activities in 2021.
An interactive panel followed, with
a consulting forester, a state agency
forester and an industry forester.
" They talked about the different roles
each play, and individuals could ask

questions about who to go to if they
had a question on a specific topic. It
was very engaging, and I learned a
lot, " Johnson said.
After a break for lunch, the
program resumed with the
recognition of state district winners
and the state winner for the
Arkansas Tree Farmer of the Year,
Pamela Jolly of the Patton Tree
Farm. This included a pre-recorded
virtual tour of Jolly's woodlands.
Conference participants then had
the opportunity to ask questions of
the winners.
Thirty people participated in
the online program. Johnson had
hoped for more, but attendance
may have been limited because the
weather was good for forest burns
and because it was the day before
hunting season.
" I also didn't charge for
it because I had received
sponsorships for the in-person
meeting and the expenses for the
online meeting were much lower.
So I opted for a free event, knowing
that it could impact my attendance, "
Johnson said.
The program evaluations were
favorable, although most people
indicated they missed the in-person
interactions. " However, I do have
some landowners who are from out
of state, and they loved the fact that
they were able to come and join
their peers, " Johnson said.
The Arkansas Tree Farm
Program has found many benefits
to using this communication mode.
Committee meetings are now using
Zoom, and if four or five landowners
have similar questions for forestry
professionals, the organization can
arrange a Zoom conference call and
include everyone. In 2021, Johnson
hopes to hold virtual landowner
workshops at least once a month.
The investment in time and
money paid off, Johnson said.
" Some of the things that we
experienced took us out of our
comfort zone, but actually brought
us a lot more productivity, " she said.
" Honestly, I don't ever see us being


Woodland - Winter 2020

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Our Forests & Our Future
Cutthroat Brook Tree Farm & North Quabbin Land Trust Provide Accessible Trails
Forest Interactions
Outreach & Connections Through Virtual Events
Planting Seeds for the Future of Family Forestry
Woods, Wildlife and Warblers Program Obtain Funding for Expansion
Overcoming the Forester Capacity Challenge in the Western U.S.
2020 Policy Wins
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