Woodland - Winter 2020 - 4


Our Forests & Our Future



'm always proud to tell the story
of America's family owned forests,
the resilience of landowners like
you, and what you are accomplishing
to benefit the entire country. This is
what motivates our staff, Board and
it especially motivates me. And it's
needed more than ever in these times.
We have missed being able to
continue gathering, like we normally
would as families, as friends, as
neighbors. For those of us with
land that is intertwined with our
family it is particularly disappointing.
The conversations about what is
happening on our land and what our
plans for the future seem fewer in
number. At times like this it difficult
to remember that tree farming is a
long-term deal. At AFF we have tried
to remain focused on the future and
making sure policies and markets
support forest stewardship.
On page 36 of this edition, you'll
read more about the Rural Forest
Markets Act - one of the many
advocacy wins for our team this year
to pave the way for markets both
now and in the future - in our policy
update. This is a bipartisan effort
designed to open carbon markets,
currently unavailable, to family forest
landowners. We need common sense
markets; ones that pay landowners
upfront to do the management
that can store more carbon, have

4 WOODLAND * Winter 2020

reasonable contract lengths like
cost-share programs, support active
management, and support other
landowner objectives like wildlife and
timber value. The Act helps these
markets operate efficiently and the
list of supporting companies and
organizations continues to grow.
I'm proud to report we have seen
growth in our sustainability work
this year, in biodiversity, fire risk
mitigation, the White Oak initiative
(WOI) and especially carbon, plus
progress in many other areas.
The WOI has brought together
38 business, conservation, and
government agency partners to more
deeply understand the threats and
regeneration concerns for white oak
forestland and develop a collective
plan of action to ensure the next
generation of this critical species
across more than 100 million acres.
Our work with the Carolinas Working
Forest Conservation Collaborative has
resulted in more than 3,000 acres of
habitat enhanced for at-risk species
and nearly 8,000 acres of forestland
certified in coastal communities. 2020
was also our first full year in working
with the Sustainable Forestry African
American Land Retention (SFLR)
project and a year where we learned
a great deal from those partners
and grew immeasurably from those
relationships. Finally, it was also a
very significant year in our standards
revisions for the American Tree Farm
System, which will go into effect on
January 1, 2021.
Two very special donors to AFF,
Lois Kaufman, the California ATFS
Administrator, and Dave McNamara
are featured on page 24. They are
both retired professional foresters,
passionate about mitigating fire
risk on their tree farm in Northern
California, having come to trust AFF
to recruit other landowners who
would also benefit from these efforts
because they believe we empower

family forest landowners. I've been
fortunate to get to know them and am
tremendously grateful for the ways
they have stepped up to help us lead
the My Sierra Woods project and
invest in our Seedling Society. This
quote from Lois embodies who we
are and who we aspire to be at AFF -
a learning organization who is growing
in the future:
" We give to AFF because they
have a great track record of learning
from history. They don't live in the
past - they learn from it, apply those
lessons, and look to the future. It's a
way for us to give back to something
that's given us so much. "
Together, we have everything
we need to clean our air and water,
protect wildlife habitat, support rural
communities, provide sustainable
wood supplies, mitigate devastating
wildfires, decrease carbon in our
atmosphere and support local
economies. Every time the vital
contributions of family forests are
valued and supported, we get one
step closer to making that future a
reality. But this only happens when
we all work together.
This is where your imperative
support comes in. I sincerely hope
that you will join me at the end of this
year in making a gift to the American
Forest Foundation. When you make a
gift to AFF, you are directly impacting
our work across the country. I know
it's an important decision for you to
make this year. I want to thank you
in advance for joining me, and Lois
and Dave, and considering giving this
PS Don't miss the promo about the
latest film " Chuck Leavell: The Tree
Man, " on page 11. Not just known
for his musical influence, Leavell is
also one of the biggest names in
environmental forestry, a former Board
Member and the National Tree Farmer
of the Year in 1999.


Woodland - Winter 2020

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Our Forests & Our Future
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Forest Interactions
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Planting Seeds for the Future of Family Forestry
Woods, Wildlife and Warblers Program Obtain Funding for Expansion
Overcoming the Forester Capacity Challenge in the Western U.S.
2020 Policy Wins
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