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AIA LOS ANGELES STRATEGIC PLAN, GOALS AND OBJECTIVES AIA|LA Strategic Plan AIA LOS ANGELES STRATEGIC PLAN, I. ENHANCE THE VALUE OF MEMBERSHIP GOALS AND OBJECTIVES During the three strategic planning sessions, participants consis- The Los Angeles AIA Mission: "Providing Leadership in Improving tently expressed the importance of working with the next generation the Built Environment." of architects to enhance their experience and education. This aspect As a membership organization of approximately 3000 architects, interns, and allied professionals, Los Angeles AIA advocates through of AIA|LA participation was understood to be a fundamental value of AIA membership that needs to be continuously enhanced. ENHANCE THE VALUE OF MEMBERSHIP: 2009 STEPS able future. Los Angeles AIA gathers first and foremost members, Retention of Membership: During 2009, despite economic hard- people interested in the design and development of the built environ- ship, Los Angeles AIA was fortunate to retain a substantial portion ment, and the general public to explore, debate, communicate, and of its membership. In fact, greater demand was placed on the advocate the value of architecture and urban design to beneficially Chapter's resources, more members participated in continuing shape structures, buildings, open spaces, cities and all aspects of education classes, and programs were generally well subscribed. the designed environment for future generations. Extra emphasis was placed on staff service to individual members Los Angeles AIA also encourages and facilitates architectural lead- and building staff relationships with the twenty-seven committees. ership that develops innovative design solutions, enhances open Serving as direct liaisons to the committee chairs, staff was able space and urban environments, improves interior spaces, and to bridge more effectively concurrent programming needs. The conserves the character of neighborhoods, cultural monuments, Executive Committee, the Board, and staff also created a restruc- and historic resources. This commitment to architectural leadership tured organizational chart to illustrate the inter-connectivity of provides the greater Los Angeles community resources to realize a Chapter's committees and activities. greater sense of place as a creative and cultural world capital. At its core, Los Angeles AIA creates value for its membership by providing a full range of professional development opportunities that meet the needs of a diverse and multi-faceted architecture community. Using the talents and design intelligence of this community of architecture professionals, the Los Angeles AIA seeks to influence the shaping of Los Angeles and the greater region by advocating architectural excellence, sustainability, and the realization of urban design that improves the lives of all Angelinos. ENHANCE THE VALUE OF MEMBERSHIP: RECOMMENDED NEXT STEPS Enhance And Measure Chapter Connections To Membership Utilizing The Web Page: with the implementation of the new website, staff needs to inspire the membership to activate web blogs and expand the level of web content that is relevant to the membership. Likewise, staff needs to determine measures that gauge the effectiveness of the web page in reaching membership. Improve Chapter And Board Connections To Committees: Los THE LOS ANGELES AIA STRATEGIC PLAN PROCESS Angeles AIA's 27 committees touch hundreds of members. To more In January 2009, as part of the annual Board of Directors retreat, effectively relate the work of committees to the efforts of the Board, Chapter leadership engaged in the third of three strategic planning the Board and senior Los Angeles AIA staff should discuss means sessions. This session, led by 2009 President John Kaliski and of working more closely and effectively with Committees. The Board Past-Presidents Michael Lehrer and Michael Hricak, followed two should consider the idea of designating Board Directors with a earlier strategic planning sessions coordinated by Past-Presidents portfolio of committees to ensure greater connectivity amongst the John Dale and Mike Enomoto. During these three sessions, four key diverse levels of membership commitment and involvement. threads or themes emerged: Enhance Educational Opportunities For Members: In the current * Enhance the Value of Membership economic climate, education is of critical importance to member- * Ensure Efficiency and Excellence in Operations ship. Significant changes are occurring in many areas of practice. * Improve Outreach and Communications Gaining new knowledge in these areas can enable members to * Establish a Center for Architecture THE FOLLOWING COMMENTS summarize steps taken to date, as well as opportunities looking forward and recommended actions that should be considered to implement the four key themes. 2015 AIA Los Angeles Directory & Resource Guide remain effective in their current positions and enable those that are unemployed to gain access to new opportunities. Educational programs can also create revenue that can support other Chapter activities. Staff should update the Board regarding existing, proposed, and additional educational opportunities that can feasibly be offered. | 13 ABOUT AIA|LA the lens of architecture and urban design a more livable and sustain-

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