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Top 5 Reasons to be an AIA Member
Ask any one of our 90,000 members worldwide, or 4,300 in Los Angeles, why it's so important for them to be part of the AIA. You'll hear a
wide range of answers, but these are some of the most compelling:

Leverage the network

"Being a member of the AIA ostensibly establishes credibility with

Develop new contacts, opportunities, skills, and influence through

clients and collaborators, but being an ACTIVE member of the AIA

opportunities for networking, continuing education, mentoring,

connects me with the most talented, dynamic, community-minded

and leadership. AIA|LA offers a framework for communication

professionals in town! I've been involved in many Chapter commit-

and information sharing, as well as hundreds of hours of pro-

tees and I love meeting like-minded Architects who are eager to

grams and events each year to help you obtain and maintain your

share their passion about design, urban design and professional

licensure, add to your knowledge base, and connect with the L.A.

practice. Committee work is entirely voluntary, so AIA members who

architecture and design community.

actively seek these forums tend to be big thinkers with a yearning

Make it official
Let your clients, colleagues, and the public know about your
commitment to the profession by including your AIA designa-

to stay connected to a broad spectrum of ideas and tap the collective wisdom of the membership. The AIA gives me access to a lot
of brain power!"
-Alex Anamos, AIA, LEED-AP

tion on your business cards, email signature, and letterhead. AIA
Architect & Associate members abide by the AIA Code of Ethics and
Professional Conduct, and are recognized for their high standards
of professionalism, integrity, and competence.

Be an advocate
Make a difference for your practice, community, and country.
Together with our members, AIA advocates and provides a voice for
architects, the profession, and the built environment.

Boost your business
Shape your strategies with AIA research and market intelligence,
and take your career and your firm to the next level with AIA's practice tools and resources. These include the Firm Survey, AIA Best
Practices, the Architecture Billings Index, and many other reports
and resources.

Get the Tools You Need...and Save
Get discounts on Contract Documents, AIA Conference on
Architecture, AIA Trust, and a number of business products and services through the AIA Advantage Program. AIA partners with Black
Spectacles for exclusive discounts on ARE tutorials, and Brightwood
Architecture Education for special rates on ARE study materials.

Studio Director/Senior Architect
R&A Architecture & Design, AIA|LA Board of Directors
"The AIA provides me with the tools and platform to grow as a leader
within the profession of architecture. I enjoy being part of a larger
group of like-minded leaders and professionals that collectively work
together to advocate for, empower, and inspire our communities
through design."
-Hector Puga, Assoc. AIA
AIACC Associate Director South;
AIA|LA Emerging Professionals Task Force
"I joined the AIA, because AIA events provide a place to develop
professional relationships with peers and mentors, while also
expanding my knowledge of local design. I continued as part of
the AIA, because the AIA offers events that help aspiring architects
succeed at licensure exams. The AIA has also encouraged personal
growth in me by offering a diverse calendar of events that relate to
each niche aspect of the design field. I've utilized these events to
better understand where my core values in the design profession.
AIA membership also allows me to connect with people who are
interested in furthering diversity and inclusivity in the field of architecture - something that I am passionate about."
-Ethan Coverstone, Assoc. AIA
Architectural Associate, Rockefeller Kempel,
AIA|LA Emerging Professionals Task Force

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