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Who Speaks for the AIA|LA Chapter?

A Policy Statement

Board members, Committee members, AIA|LA nominees to other bodies, and AIA|LA staff members all
represent the AIA|LA in numerous and varied capacities.
From time to time, any one of us may be asked to speak for the AIA|LA. It is expected that each AIA|LA
member will be an articulate, forceful voice for the profession as each of us draws on the strength of
personal convictions, training, experience, and insights.
However, none of us speaks formally for the AIA|LA unless so empowered by the Board of Directors. To
speak for the AIA|LA, to represent the AIA|LA's position to the public, we must secure Board endorsement
and be designated by the Board to speak on its behalf.
If time does not permit seeking Board endorsement of a point of view that any of us wishes to express,
then we are required to be clear about whom we represent (e.g. "I'm speaking as Chair of the
Committee" or "I'm speaking as an individual architect," etc.) Please be clear that you are not representing the opinion of the AIA|LA.
It is also worth noting that Committee members do not speak for their Committees unless empowered
to do so by the appropriate Committee Chair.
Of course, AIA|LA members are urged to cherish the right to free expression by employing it, by speaking
out whenever appropriate as citizens and professionals. The AIA|LA policy statement is meant to clarify
how AIA|LA institutional points of view can be expressed.

2018 AIA Los Angeles Membership Directory & Resource Guide

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