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Continuing Education
(CES) and AIA

The AIA recognizes that continuing education in architecture is

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crucial to advancing and improving the profession. Architects need

The American Institute of Architects has developed a network of

continuing education to maintain knowledge and competency, pre-

more than 2,500 educational providers who are carefully screened

pare for the future, fulfill the continuing education requirements for

to ensure the highest quality programs necessary to get the best

AIA membership, and renew state licensure.

kind of continuing education.

For AIA Members

With a wide range of program formats - from conferences, lectures,

AIA architect members have an annual Continuing Education
(CES) requirement to maintain their membership. You need to
complete and report 18 hours (CEHs) every year, starting in year two

and workshops to seminars, online courses, self-study, and more -
you're sure to find courses that will help you develop your personal
knowledge and skills and serve your clients most effectively.

of membership. Of those 18 hours, 12 need to be related to HSW

You can search AIA's national CES database at

(health safety and welfare.) Members have until September 30 of the

following year to complete and report coursework for any given year
(e.g. you have until Sept. 30, 2017, to complete your requirement for
2016.) Approved CES providers will report your credits for you; you

You can also find AIA approved programs to satisfy both AIA and
state licensing requirements through the following resources:

can also self-report certain self-directed activities online at MyCES.

AIA Los Angeles (offering a wide variety of seminars, tours, work-

HSW coursework needs to be from an AIA approved provider and

shops, and Committee presentations)

cannot be self-reported for HSW credit.

Other local AIA Chapters

All licensed architects in the State of California are required to com-

plete and keep documentation on file for CES for your state licensing

AIA National Convention

board (in California, it's five hours on ADA/Accessibility issues, every
two year renewal cycle.) Other states vary in their requirements. AIA
does not report your hours to state licensing boards, but you may
request a certificate of completion that you can provide to your state
board for approval.
Find Your Transcript
AIA members: sign in to MyCES to access your transcript, selfreport form, and many other resources online, 24 hours, 7 days a
week. Visit for more details.

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AIA California Council (featuring webinars on accessibility and
many other topics that you can complete 24/7 online, in partnership
with aecKnowledge)
AIACC's Monterey Design Conference
AIAU lets you earn learning units online, anytime.

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