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The AIA Trust: Where Smart
Architects Manage Risk®
Effectively managing risk is an essential part of being a suc-

important facts about risks inherent in dealing with the ADA, BIM,

cessful architect. The purpose of the AIA Trust is to serve as an

contractor terminations, design/build teams, electronic data, owner-

indispensable risk management resource, providing invaluable

ship transition, payment issues, and more.

practice resources and member benefit programs to AIA members
and components.

The AIA Trust publishes a quarterly newsletter, Managing Your Risks,
for which you can sign up for free - and four times a year you'll get a

The AIA Trust website - - is organized by "life

series of short, insightful articles on evolving risks, firm and personal

stages" so that members may find what they need for their practice,

management issues.

no matter where they are in their career. Whether starting a firm,
changing focus to become "virtual" or looking at transitioning out
of full-time practice, the AIA Trust offers a wealth of free insights,
strategies, and advice to help AIA members attain their goals.
New practice resources with expert-crafted content are continually
added to the website where you can find a growing range of tools,
guides, webinars, articles, databases, and more to help members
identify, prevent, and control risk. For example, the AIA Trust recently
published a guide to using drones and a guide to virtual practice,
each with crucial pointers and important considerations.

Another valuable resource is the AIA Trust Professional Liability
Insurance Database, an easy-to-use, searchable directory of
Professional Liability Insurers that can help you make one of your
firm's most important purchasing decisions. The growing AIA Trust
Legal Network now enables AIA members and their firms to find

Importantly, AIA Trust member benefit programs are designed to

qualified A/E Construction Lawyers to help when needed. Be sure

protect you, your family, your income, your firm, your time, and your

to recommend reputable A/E law firms enroll in the Legal Network

future. Special AIA member benefits include:

as a service to fellow AIA members.

* The AIA Trust Professional Liability Insurance Program from CNA/

Recently, the AIA Trust published synopses of its many white papers

Schinnerer program special premium credit for AIA members

on topics of critical and evolving risks for architects so when you

of up to 5 percent. To find out how to benefit, visit

don't have time to read the white papers, you can still get the

for details.

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