AIA Los Angeles - 2018 Membership Directory & Resource Guide - 204

Letter from the Vice President


A conversation with
Barbara Bouza, FAIA

How would you describe your
management style?

cycle of family homelessness and poverty

The ability to play to our strengths as leaders

public and private resources, and com-

As Co-Managing Director of Gensler's LA

is critical when making informed decisions

office, and a Leader of the global Health

and having a point of view in an increasingly

& Wellness and Sciences Practice Areas,

divided world. I have always embraced a

Barbara Bouza is without a doubt one of

collaborative leadership model, because

LA's prominent leaders of the architecture

it ensures other perspectives are heard

profession. In her role as AIA|LA's cur-

and valued.

remained in housing and are going from

As the chapter's President-Elect for
2019, what program are you most
excited to develop?

Do you have a motto you live by?

Los Angeles is going to be the host city for

of us, anyone can be here, but we make the

rent Vice President and 2019 PresidentElect, we asked Barbara to share with
us her goals and inspiration for leading
the chapter.

What is the value of the AIA?

the 2020 AIA National Conference, so this

We have a unique platform that brings

will be one of my key areas of focus through-

students, emerging professionals, archi-

out 2019 as chapter President. We have

tects, and industry partners together. Every

an amazing opportunity, like no other city,

individual member of the AIA has a shared

to demonstrate our diversity and creativity

responsibility to elevate the quality of life in

across multiple platforms.

our communities through design excellence

by mobilizing trained volunteer mentors,
munities who understand that a roof over
one's head is merely the starting point to a
better life. In LA, nearly one third of those
who are homeless are families and young
adults. All of our Imagine LA families have
surviving to thriving.

There are so many opportunities right in front
"choice" to be present and create a meaningful impact.

Favorite DTLA coffee spot?
You can often find me connecting with others at Nice Coffee in the City National Plaza
on Flower Street which has become an
extension of my work environment. The

friendships I have personally built by getting

Are you on the board of any other
organizations in Los Angeles?

involved with the AIA are invaluable.

Yes, I am on the Board of Directors for

into a hub of creative energy has been a

and awareness. The relationships and

Imagine LA, where our mission is to end the
204 | 

transformation of downtown Los Angeles
great place to connect with other architects.

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