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Diversity increases the promise
of our design practice to deliver
solutions, and adds value and
benefits to our ability to deliver
smart solutions to clients.
However, the actual composition of the AIA|LA
doesn't reflect the region's diversity. For example:
only 5% of AIA|LA members identify as Latino and
only 2% identify as Black. Women make up less
than a quarter of the AIA|LA membership, although
they count for just over half the population of Los

A key topic of the day was the issue of Equity
Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) in the profession.
In Have We Made Progress (or Not)?, a conversation with Gabrielle Bullock, FAIA, Priscilla
Chavez, CCA and Drake Dillard, AIA, panelists
called for a genuine approach to increasing EDI,
not just a pledge by the AIA|LA. The question was
asked: How can executive leadership recognize a
need for EDI, and immediately implement it in the
fabric of their company? How can we create roles
that are one-of-a-kind, forging a new path?

Angeles (50.15%). Among other strategies, the

EDI extends beyond the office. Kulapat Yantrasast

AIA|LA furthers the pursuit to "encompass" diver-

explains: "As an outsider, you never know the peo-

sity in the field of architecture.

ple in the room- so it's about coming in with an open

ENCOMPASS serves as a forum to highlight
best practices, examine case-studies of inclusive
design procedures and curate a series of genuine
dialogues that underscore solutions to counter
the prevalence of the inherent biases that too

mind, and going on instinct to cater your message
to the people who are listening." Roland Wiley,
AIA, echoed this same sentiment in his closing,
calling out a need for Cultural Competence in the

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often continues to divide A/E/C professionals.

As a response to these questions and the need for

Encompass allowed panelists and attendees

EDI in all aspects of the architectural process, the

to candidly dissect the reality of the situation,

AIA|LA authored Best Practices for EDI Handpage

highlight the value-add that inclusive architecture

(short handbook). The Handpage is separated

brings to society, and how we all gain from a mul-

into sections: The AIA|LA's Commitment to EDI,

tifaceted profession. Throughout the day, speakers

How Firms can address Unconscious & Implicit

and audience members described experiences,

Bias, Best Practices for Addressing Bias in Hiring

contribute to best practice guidelines, demon-

Practices, and EDI for Small and Large Firms.

strate the benefits of diversity for the field, clients,
and our city; and establish strategies to realize an
inclusive future - beginning today.
2018 AIA Los Angeles Membership Directory & Resource Guide

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