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2018 AIA|LA Architectural
Photography Awards
Our 2018 Architectural Photography Awards were presented in an informal ceremony at Los Angeles Center of Photography in Hollywood.
This year's jury selected a group of 15 photographs that together elevate documentation of the built environment to art, as they fuse light,
subject, composition, color, and tone.
Three images received the highest recognition at Honor level, three at Merit, and nine at Citation. Each was noted for their exquisite qualities by our jury members:
Joey N. Shimoda, FAIA, FIIDA, Shimoda Design Group
Marcia Prentice, photographer
Minh T, photographer and art director
The AIA|LA initiated the Architectural Photography Awards program as a means to celebrate individuals who communicate a designer's
work to the public and possible clients and for history. Through the awards, we celebrate not only the transcendent qualities of space, but
the photographer's eye, skill, and talent in expressing it.


Photographer: Joshua White
Image: Schindler House
Our selection of a Schindler House and a Frank Lloyd Wright
house as being great photographs confirms an understanding
of the legacy of these architects' work, but also that their work
is still being reinterpreted by younger photographers today.
The moment in time that they create seems to have timeless
quality, but also much technical beauty.
It feels like it's a classic photograph - it's in black and white,
technically it's very good; it feels like a movie set - very film
noir. It feels like one of Julius Schulman's photographs:
something that you look at for many, many years and still
It transports you into another time, maybe the 1920s when
it was built - a different photo than it is today: today it's surrounded by high rise apartment buildings, but this gives you
a sense of what it was like living in that time. It has this kind
of time-travel quality.

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