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The Healthy Rowhouse Project The Philadelphia Story of Health and Architecture BY KIKI BOLENDER, AIA In December 2015, a group of health care professionals at the Jefferson Population Health Forum pondered the question, "What if we could write a prescription for better conditions in the home?" For architects, the question could be turned around to ask, "What can we contribute as part of the health care team?" Those health care professionals were being introduced to the Healthy Rowhouse Project, created to help Philadelphia's poorest residents - to keep them in their homes, to keep them from becoming homeless or displaced or sick, and to revive Philadelphia's struggling neighborhoods - one house at a time. The project began as an initiative of the Design Advocacy Group and is now housed at the Center for Architecture and Design. Over the next three years, the project will create financial instruments 26 SUMMER 2016 | context | AIA Philadelphia

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Rediscovering the Neighborhood: Creating a healthy environment of Care at Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Risky Business: The Dangers of Playgrounds That Are Too Safe
Senior Living, LGBT Style
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Context - Summer 2016