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Sincerely, Executive Director AIA Philadelphia | Philadelphia Center for Architecture 8 FALL 2015 | context | AIA Philadelphia 2016 AIA National Convention, May 19-21, 2016: AIA Philadelphia members have been busy organizing for the 2016 AIA National Convention. Current activities include: coordinating and organizing all tours; planning the host chapter party; programming the Center for Architecture as our official "lounge;" and organizing our Legacy Project. The legacy project is still in the planning phase, but it is focused on Recommitting to Design Education and Service, through revitalizing the Architecture in Education program, strengthening our relationship and involvement with CHAD; and providing an aggregation of volunteer opportunities for members. The host chapter party details are being finalized and will be released in full by AIA National in January 2016. FAR RIGHT PHOTO CREDIT: PAUL LOFTLAND PHOTOGRAPHY Raise Public Awareness: At AIA Philadelphia's 2015 Annual Meeting, we asked members who attended to "vote with their dues" using fake money to place the highest dollar amount on the activities and programs they want AIA Philadelphia to focus on. An overwhelming majority of members felt that raising public awareness of architects and architecture should be a priority. As a result, AIA Philadelphia partnered with Urban Video Productions (a video production team housed at Allied Firm Member, Urban Engineers) to produce the Spaces We Love Campaign. The video campaign will be released incrementally leading up to the 2016 AIA National Convention in Philadelphia. PHOTO CREDIT: CHRIS KENDIG Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends: Welcome to the reinvigorated and reimagined CONTEXT publication of AIA Philadelphia. Our goal in refreshing CONTEXT is to create a platform for dialogue, advocacy, and thought leadership on important issues that are affecting the built environment here in the Philadelphia region, as well as promoting and highlighting the work that our members' are doing here and around the globe. CONTEXT will continue to provide high quality content that is inspirational and aspirational, but it will also highlight our member's achievements in the city and region. We think this is important because we want to highlight the incredible work that our local architects are creating and building, but we also what to focus on the many legacy projects they have created here in Philadelphia: The Community Design Collaborative, The Charter High School for Architecture and Design; the AIA Bookstore; and the Center for Architecture. More than a year has passed since I became Executive Director of AIA Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Center for Architecture. I'm enjoying getting to know all of our members to learn what you are working on and advocate on your behalf. Through the remainder of 2015 and looking ahead to 2016, there will be many changes to our programming and events, but most importantly to the quality of our delivery of member services. On behalf of all of the Board of Directors and staff of AIA Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Center for Architecture, we are here to support you and your work - and in order to do that we need to hear from you! We want to know what you are working on, what issues you are having in your practice or in your firm, and ideas about how you think we might be able to help. If you ever have any questions about how to get involved or how to best share information with us, just ask. You can contact me directly at or 215.569.3186 ext. 103. CONTEXT happens because of the dedication of our Editorial Committee and AIA Philadelphia staff. If you are interested in donating your time by writing, taking photos, illustrations, or other creative ways, please contact Elizabeth Paul at PHOTO CREDIT: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN JEWISH HISTORY COMMUNITY

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Re-Envisioning Philadelphia’s Industrial Spaces With Transatlantic Expertise
Fairmount Park: Philadelphia’s Past, Present and Future
The Philadelphia Region as America’s Next Big Energy Hub?
The Public Benefits of Private Planning: Eds, Meds, and the University City Renaissance
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Context - Fall 2015